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Mullins-Owens, Heather - Integrative Health Services, ebook

Integrative Health Services

Mullins-Owens, Heather


Models of Health and Health Theory: Focus on Integrative Models
Heather Mullins-Owens
4. Health Care System Use and Disparities in Integrative Health Services
Heather Mullins-Owens
5. Scope of Integrative Health

Greenhalgh, Kirsten - Fire and Rescue Services, ebook

Fire and Rescue Services

Greenhalgh, Kirsten


Fire and Rescue Services Under the Early New Labour Administrations from 1997 to 2005
Peter Murphy, Kirsten Greenhalgh
3. Consolidation and Improvement: Fire and Rescue Under the New Labour Administrations 2005–2010
Peter Murphy, Kirsten Greenhalgh

Costello, John - Public Health and Society, ebook

Public Health and Society

Costello, John


Reviews 'It is written for practitioners working in community health settings and for student nurses undertaking a community placement. It provides a clear and informative review of the socio-economic and policy contexts of the 'new public health'.'

Regmi, Krishna - Decentralizing Health Services, ebook

Decentralizing Health Services

Regmi, Krishna


Decentralization and Public Health: An Analysis of the Health System in Five Latin American Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico
Gloria Molina, Julian Vargas, Beatriz

Donohoe, Martin - Public Health and Social Justice, ebook

Public Health and Social Justice

Donohoe, Martin


Praise for Public Health and Social Justice
"This compilation unifies ostensibly distant corners of our broad discipline under the common pursuit of health as an achievable, non-negotiable human right.

Thomas, Richard K. - Health Services Marketing, ebook

Health Services Marketing

Thomas, Richard K.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Healthcare Marketing
2. The Basics of Marketing
3. The Marketing Process
4. Marketing Research
5. Marketing Planning
6. Healthcare Products and Customers
7. Paying the Marketing Freight
8. Market…