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Boylan, Michael - Public Health Policy and Ethics, ebook

Public Health Policy and Ethics

Boylan, Michael


Professing Public Health: Practicing Ethics and Ethics as Practice
D. Micah Hester
2. The Good of Patients and the Good of Society: Striking a Moral Balance
Edmund D. Pellegrino, David C. Thomasma
3. Taking on “Big

Costello, John - Public Health and Society, ebook

Public Health and Society

Costello, John


Reviews 'It is written for practitioners working in community health settings and for student nurses undertaking a community placement. It provides a clear and informative review of the socio-economic and policy contexts of the 'new public health'.'

Donohoe, Martin - Public Health and Social Justice, ebook

Public Health and Social Justice

Donohoe, Martin


Praise for Public Health and Social Justice
"This compilation unifies ostensibly distant corners of our broad discipline under the common pursuit of health as an achievable, non-negotiable human right.

Hall, Peter A. - Social Neuroscience and Public Health, ebook

Social Neuroscience and Public Health

Hall, Peter A.


Temporal Self-Regulation Theory: Integrating Biological, Psychological, and Ecological Determinants of Health Behavior Performance
Peter A. Hall, Geoffrey T. Fong
Part II. Health Communication
4. Health Communications: Predicting Behavior Change from the

Strech, Daniel - Ethics in Public Health and Health Policy, ebook

Ethics in Public Health and Health Policy

Strech, Daniel


Where Public Health Meets Ethics. Conceptual Foundations and Practical Challenges of Public Health
Irene Hirschberg, Jasper Littmann, Daniel Strech
Part I. Concepts
3. Normative and Non-normative Concepts: Paternalism