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Shackelford, Todd K. - The Evolution of Psychopathology, ebook

The Evolution of Psychopathology

Shackelford, Todd K.


Taking People as They Are: Evolutionary Psychopathology, Uncomplicated Depression, and Distinction between Normal and Disordered Sadness
Jerome C. Wakefield, Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces, Jane J. Lee
3. Depression: Is Rumination Really Adaptive?
Leif Edward

Wilmshurst, Linda - Essentials of Child Psychopathology, ebook

Essentials of Child Psychopathology

Wilmshurst, Linda


The only concise, comprehensive overview of child psychopathology covering theory, assessment, and treatment as well as issues and trends
Essentials of Child Psychopathology provides students and professionals with a comprehensive overview of critical

Cicchetti, Dante - Developmental Psychopathology, Theory and Method, ebook

Developmental Psychopathology, Theory and Method

Cicchetti, Dante


The seminal reference for the latest research in developmental psychopathology
Developmental Psychopathology is a four-volume compendium of the most complete and current research on every aspect of the field. Volume One: Theory and Method focuses on the theoretical and empirical work

Beidel, Deborah C. - Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis, ebook

Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis

Beidel, Deborah C.


The definitive resource for psychological diagnosis, updated with the latest research
Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis offers comprehensive coverage of psychological disorders and presents a balanced integration of empirical data and diagnostic criteria to aid in understanding diagnosis

Beauchaine, Theodore P. - Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, ebook

Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Beauchaine, Theodore P.


A unique, multi-discipline, developmental approach to childhood psychopathology
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology is the only comprehensive text in the field to address genetic, neurobiological, and environmental factors within a developmental context. Based on cutting-edge research