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Bech, Per - Clinical Psychometrics, ebook

Clinical Psychometrics

Bech, Per

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Clinical Psychometrics is an introduction to the long-term attempt to measure the psychiatric dimension of dementia, schizophrenia, mania, depression, anxiety, neuroticism, extraversion/introversion and health-related quality of life.
The two psychometric procedures, classical factor

Lorenz, Louisa - Diagnostik von Anpassungsstörungen, ebook

Diagnostik von Anpassungsstörungen

Lorenz, Louisa


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Louisa Lorenz
2. Anpassungsstörungen
Louisa Lorenz
3. Fragestellungen und Hypothesen
Louisa Lorenz
4. Methoden
Louisa Lorenz
5. Ergebnisse
Louisa Lorenz
6. Diskussion

Lochner, Katharina - Successful Emotions, ebook

Successful Emotions

Lochner, Katharina


Table of contents
1. Online Assessment and Online Surveys
Katharina Lochner
2. Intelligence and Intelligence Testing
Katharina Lochner
3. Affect, Mood, and Emotions
Katharina Lochner
4. Affect and Cognition
Katharina Lochner

Fleischer, Jens - Competence Assessment in Education, ebook

Competence Assessment in Education

Fleischer, Jens


Table of contents
1. Competence Assessment in Education: An Introduction
Detlev Leutner, Jens Fleischer, Juliane Grünkorn, Eckhard Klieme
Part I. Modeling and Assessing Student Competencies
2. Science-P I: Modeling Conceptual Understanding…

Shute, Valerie J. - Innovative Assessment for the 21st Century, ebook

Innovative Assessment for the 21st Century

Shute, Valerie J.


Table of contents
1. Prelude: Assessment for the 21st Century
Valerie J. Shute, Betsy Jane Becker
2. Human Action and Social Groups as the Natural Home of Assessment: Thoughts on 21st Century Learning and Assessment
James Paul Gee

Rossiter, John R. - Measurement for the Social Sciences, ebook

Measurement for the Social Sciences

Rossiter, John R.


Table of contents
1. Rationale of C-OAR-SE
John R. Rossiter
2. Validity and Reliability
John R. Rossiter
3. Object Classification and Measures
John R. Rossiter
4. Attribute Classification and Measures
John R. Rossiter

Palmer, Carolin - Berufsbezogene Kreativitätsdiagnostik, ebook

Berufsbezogene Kreativitätsdiagnostik

Palmer, Carolin


Table of contents
1. Einleitung und Aufbau der Arbeit
Carolin Palmer
Teil I. Theoretische Grundlagen
2. Kreativität – die schöne Unbekannte?
Carolin Palmer
3. Kreativität im beruflichen Kontext
Carolin Palmer
4. Die…