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Burton, Neel - Psychiatry, ebook


Burton, Neel


"This book is very different from any medical textbook you've ever read… its greatest merit is to have single-handedly transformed the perception of psychiatry from that of Cinderella speciality to that of hottest speciality on offer."
Following in the footsteps of the groundbreaking

Tasman, Allan - Psychiatry, ebook


Tasman, Allan


For this new edition, the section on the Neuroscientific Foundations of Psychiatry has been completely revised, with a new author team recruited by Section Editors Jonathan Polan and Eric Kandel.  The final section, Special Populations and Clinical Settings, features

Joska, John A. - HIV and Psychiatry, ebook

HIV and Psychiatry

Joska, John A.


Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town
Dan J. Stein
Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town
Igor Grant
Department of Psychiatry,

Oakley, Clare - Rapid Psychiatry, ebook

Rapid Psychiatry

Oakley, Clare


Now thoroughly updated, it includes new sections on Neuropsychiatry, the Psychiatry of Learning Disability, Forensic Psychiatry, and Psychotherapy, as well as common disorders, their assessment and their treatment. Featuring the

Bhugra, Dinesh - Leadership in Psychiatry, ebook

Leadership in Psychiatry

Bhugra, Dinesh


This is the first book on leadership (rather than management skills) to focus on psychiatry and mental health care. Contributions from international experts with clinical and non-clinical backgrounds pull together the theories and practical skills required to be a

Byrne, Peter - Psychiatry, eTextbook: Clinical Cases Uncovered, ebook

Psychiatry, eTextbook: Clinical Cases Uncovered

Byrne, Peter


Rehearse for life in clinical practice with this easy-to-use and unique series, which combines cases drawn from real-life experiences with a refreshing approach to presentations as you would see them in day-to-day situations.
Get the most from clinical…

Goodman, Robert - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, ebook

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Goodman, Robert


An introduction to child psychiatry which draws on clinical experience as well as the latest research findings. Child Psychiatry includes many practical tips on successful assessment and treatment techniques. Its companion website features over 200 multiple

Harrison, Paul - Lecture Notes: Psychiatry, ebook

Lecture Notes: Psychiatry

Harrison, Paul


Unsure how to 'do' psychiatry?
Wondering what psychiatry is all about?
Want just the key facts?
Lecture Notes: Psychiatry provides essential, practical, and up-to-date information for students who are learning to conduct psychiatric interviews and assessments, understand the core