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McLay, Robert N. - Psychiatrists in Combat, ebook

Psychiatrists in Combat

McLay, Robert N.


From Battalion Surgeon to Combat Psychiatrist: Three Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan
Kenneth Richter
13. “Oh, The Things You Can Find”
Robert Koffman
14. Chronicles from the Cradle of Civilization
Kaustubh G. Joshi
15. To Squander the Fighting

Sudak, Donna M. - Combining CBT and Medication: An Evidence-Based Approach, ebook

Combining CBT and Medication: An Evidence-Based Approach

Sudak, Donna M.

From 56,45€

This book reviews the existing literature about the neurobiological and clinical basis in combining CBT and medication for non-psychiatrist mental health clinicians. Filled with case studies drawn from the author's extensive clinical and teaching experience, this book

Cox, John - Religion and Psychiatry: Beyond Boundaries, ebook

Religion and Psychiatry: Beyond Boundaries

Cox, John

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Religion (and spirituality) is very much alive and shapes the cultural values and aspirations of psychiatrist and patient alike, as does the choice of not identifying with a particular faith.  Patients bring their beliefs and convictions into the doctor-patient relationship.  The challenge

Sadoff, Robert L. - Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychiatry: Minimizing Harm, ebook

Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychiatry: Minimizing Harm

Sadoff, Robert L.

From 70,85€

However, this cannot, and does not, apply to forensic cases where there is no doctor–patient relationship and the forensic psychiatrist may indeed cause harm to the examinee. In this book, Robert Sadoff analyzes the ethical issues affecting forensic psychiatric practice,

Crisp, John - Anthology of Spanish Psychiatric Texts, ebook

Anthology of Spanish Psychiatric Texts

Crisp, John


Part of a series of anthologies of classic psychiatric texts
The World Psychiatric Association established a program where series of anthologies of classic psychiatric texts were translated from their original language into English. This was launched…

Briggs, Steven - Criminology For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Criminology For Dummies®

Briggs, Steven


Your thorough guide to comprehending and combating crime
Are you fascinated by criminology, forensics, and detective work? This you-are-there guide takes you deep into the world of crime, giving you a better understanding of the dark recesses of the…