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Daniels, Bruce C. - New England Nation, ebook

New England Nation

Daniels, Bruce C.


Introduction: New England, Puritans, and American History
Bruce C. Daniels
2. Protestant Reform
Bruce C. Daniels
3. Pilgrim Beginnings
Bruce C. Daniels
4. The Great Migration
Bruce C. Daniels

Kermes, Stephanie - Creating an American Identity, ebook

Creating an American Identity

Kermes, Stephanie


Hero of Liberty: New England Celebrations of General Lafayette during His Visit in 1824–1825
Stephanie Kermes
6. Separation for the Nation: The Movement for Maine’s Statehood
Stephanie Kermes
7. God’s People:

Davies, Norman - The Isles : A History, ebook

The Isles : A History

Davies, Norman


Written by one of the most brilliant and provocative historians at work today, The Isles is a revolutionary narrative history that takes a new perspective on the development of Britain and Ireland, looking at them not as self-contained islands, but as an inextricable part of Europe.

Orlin, Lena Cowen - Locating Privacy in Tudor London, ebook

Locating Privacy in Tudor London

Orlin, Lena Cowen


Lena Orlin paints a dense picture of everyday life in Renaissance England, with an emphasis on personal privacy, the built environment, and the life story of a remarkable undiscovered woman - merchant's wife and mother of four, Alice Barnham - with a central role in some of the most important