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Edwards, Anne - Being an Expert Professional Practitioner, ebook

Being an Expert Professional Practitioner

Edwards, Anne


Table of contents
1. Introducing the Resourceful Practitioner
Anne Edwards
2. Expertise: The Relational Turn
Anne Edwards
3. Knowledge Work at Practice Boundaries
Anne Edwards
4. Relational Agency: Working with Other Practitioners

Burmester, Jo - Managing your own professional development, ebook

Managing your own professional development

Burmester, Jo


What is CPD? Continuous professional development has evolved as a requirement for many professions and employers are asking for evidence of competencies and skills. CPD is not only about certificates and qualifications, it's about learning from day to day activities and activities as part

Hermundstad, Helen - Acrobat 6 Professional - Visual, ebook

Acrobat 6 Professional - Visual

Hermundstad, Helen


Om du vill veta hur du använder Acrobat och vilka möjligheter programmet ger dig för att kunna arbeta vidare med framställning av elektroniska dokument, är detta boken för dig! Du lär dig också hur du gör dina dokument klara för publicering…

Reid, Anna - From Expert Student to Novice Professional, ebook

From Expert Student to Novice Professional

Reid, Anna


Professional DiscourseDISCOURSE : How Do Novice ProfessionalsNOVICE PROFESSIONALS See Themselves?
Anna Reid, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren, Peter Petocz, Lars Owe Dahlgren
4. Professional KnowledgeKNOWLEDGE : What Does Knowledge

Webster-Wright, Ann - Authentic Professional Learning, ebook

Authentic Professional Learning

Webster-Wright, Ann


Table of contents
1. Professional Learning at Work
Ann Webster-Wright
2. Mapping the Research Terrain
Ann Webster-Wright
3. A Phenomenological Perspective
Ann Webster-Wright
4. Delving into Methodology
Ann Webster-Wright
5. Authentic Professional Learning
Ann Webster-Wright
6. Rhetoric

McEwen, Celina - Educating the Deliberate Professional, ebook

Educating the Deliberate Professional

McEwen, Celina


Educating for Professional Responsibility: From Critical Thinking to Deliberative Communication, or Why Critical Thinking Is Not Enough
Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke, Tomas Englund, Berit Karseth, Eevi E. Beck
Part II. Reconceptualising the Professional
4. Critique

Laster, Brent - Professional Git, ebook

Professional Git

Laster, Brent


Leverage the power of Git to smooth out the development cycle
Professional Git takes a professional approach to learning this massively popular software development tool, and provides an up-to-date guide for new users. More than just a development manual, this book helps you get into