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Conlon, Ciara - Productivity For Dummies, ebook

Productivity For Dummies

Conlon, Ciara


Take your productivity to the next level and make the most of your time!
Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? Don't we all! Productivity For Dummies shows you how to overcome this common problem by tackling key issues that are

Pagés, Carmen - The Age of Productivity, ebook

The Age of Productivity

Pagés, Carmen


Aggregate Productivity: The Key to Unlocking Latin America’s Development Potential
Carmen Pagés
3. Productivity in Latin America: The Challenge of the Service Sector
Carmen Pagés
4. Productivity from the Bottom Up: Firms and Resource Allocation

Greene, William H. - Productivity and Inequality, ebook

Productivity and Inequality

Greene, William H.


Alternative User Costs, Productivity and Inequality in US Business Sectors
W. Erwin Diewert, Kevin J. Fox
3. On the Allocation of Productivity Growth and the Determinants of U. S. Income Inequality
Shasha Liu, Robin

Hempell, Thomas - Computers and Productivity, ebook

Computers and Productivity

Hempell, Thomas


ICT productivity and innovations
5. ICT productivity and human capital investments
6. Conclusions
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Greenaway, David - Globalisation and Productivity Growth, ebook

Globalisation and Productivity Growth

Greenaway, David


Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Growth: Theory
Ben Ferrett
5. Empirical Evidence on Foreign Ownership and Productivity Growth
Sourafel Girma, Steve Thompson, Peter Wright
6. Multinational Enterprises and Spillovers
Holger Görg, Alexander