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 - New Code of Estimating Practice, ebook

New Code of Estimating Practice


New Code of Estimating Practice examines the processes of estimating and pricing, providing best practice guidelines for those involved in procuring and pricing construction works, both in the public and private sectors. It embodies principles that are applicable to

Bäckström, Tom - Speech Coding, ebook

Speech Coding

Bäckström, Tom


Speech Production and Modelling
Tom Bäckström
3. Principles of Entropy Coding with Perceptual Quality Evaluation
Tom Bäckström
Part II. Core Tools
4. Spectral Envelope and Perceptual Masking Models

Hasegawa, Fumio - Content Production Technologies, ebook

Content Production Technologies

Hasegawa, Fumio


  Examines the design and implementation of a practical digital content production system Proposes to show solutions to various content issues Covers various retrieval methods for large-scale archives using MPEG-1 streaming technology and remote editing using

Field, Amanda J - Evading the Issue, ebook

Evading the Issue

Field, Amanda J


Tino Balio, in his book The American Film Industry, said that the Production Code meant that American films could not deal with political or social issues ‘in an honest and truthful fashion’. This incisive essay tests out the legitimacy of Balio’s

Pejaś, Jerzy - Advances in Information Processing and Protection, ebook

Advances in Information Processing and Protection

Pejaś, Jerzy


JPEG 2000 Image Coding Standard - A Review and Applications
Ryszard S. Chora?
28. New Experiments on Word Recognition Without Segmentation
Khalid Saeed, Marek Tabedzki
29. Signature Verification by View-Based Feature Extractor and DTW Classifier

Du, Wenjiang - Informatics and Management Science V, ebook

Informatics and Management Science V

Du, Wenjiang


Research on Shift Sequence Code in Barcode Positioning System
Weijun Zhang, Dongli Li
24. A New Dynamic Scheduling Method for Networked Control Systems
Feng Du, Xiaoyu Zhang, Zhi Lei, Jia Ren, Cheng Guo, Jinyu Li
25. Implementation of Intelligent Wireless

Meyer, Gereon - Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2009, ebook

Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2009

Meyer, Gereon


Short PWM Code: A Step towards Smarter Automotive Sensors
Laurent Beaurenaut
26. Low-cost Approach for Far-Infrared Sensor Arrays for Hot-Spot Detection in Automotive Night Vision Systems
Karl Franz Reinhart, Martin Eckardt, Ingo Herrmann, Ando Feyh, Frank

Bengler, Klaus - Green Intelligent Transportation Systems, ebook

Green Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bengler, Klaus


A New Method of Code Generation for MC9S12 ECU
Rongge Meng, Chunhua Zhang
51. Simulation and Evaluation of Guidance Strategies in the Park and Ride Condition
Liu Yang, Wei Guan, Wenyi Zhang
52. Study on Evaluation Method of Reconstruction and Extension