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Bretzke, Wolf-Rüdiger - Sustainable Logistics, ebook

Sustainable Logistics

Bretzke, Wolf-Rüdiger


Table of contents
1. Basics
Wolf-Rüdiger Bretzke, Karim Barkawi
2. Strategies and Concepts to Promote Sustainability
Wolf-Rüdiger Bretzke, Karim Barkawi
3. Summary and Outlook
Wolf-Rüdiger Bretzke, Karim Barkawi

Kreowski, Hans-Jörg - Dynamics in Logistics, ebook

Dynamics in Logistics

Kreowski, Hans-Jörg


Some Remarks on Stability and Robustness of Production Networks Based on Fluid Models
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Fabian Wirth, Sergey Dashkovskiy, Michael Schönlein, Thomas Makuschewitz, Michael Kosmykov
4. Online Optimization with Discrete Lotsizing Production

Clausen, Uwe - Efficiency and Logistics, ebook

Efficiency and Logistics

Clausen, Uwe


Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Management in Logistics Networks (CoReLo)
Christian Geßner, Ludger Heidbrink, Verena Kammel, Axel Kölle, Marcel Kreuels, Nora Meyer, Johannes Reidel, Imke Schmidt, Gertrud Schmitz
3. Good Governance in Global Supply

Kreowski, Hans-Jörg - Dynamics in Logistics, ebook

Dynamics in Logistics

Kreowski, Hans-Jörg


Transport Logistics and Dynamic Routing
3. Knowledge Sharing in Intermodal Transport: A Multi-Agent Based Perspective
Jiani Wu, Hans-Dietrich Haasis
4. Emissions Minimization Vehicle Routing Problem in Dependence of Different Vehicle Classes
Heiko W.

Günthner, Willibald A. - Lean Logistics, ebook

Lean Logistics

Günthner, Willibald A.


Lean Logistics – Hintergründe, Entwicklungen und Trends
1. 20 Jahre Lean: Persönliche Erfahrungen eines Managers
Stephan Gierszewski
2. Entwicklungsströme und Trends in der schlanken Prozessgestaltung
Julia Boppert, Marc Lügger, Janina Durchholz

Gudehus, Timm - Comprehensive Logistics, ebook

Comprehensive Logistics

Gudehus, Timm


Table of contents
Part I. Principles, Strategies and Organization
1. Tasks and Aspects of Modern Logistics
Timm Gudehus, Herbert Kotzab
2. Organization, Scheduling and Control
Timm Gudehus, Herbert Kotzab
3. Project Planning and Realization
Timm Gudehus, Herbert Kotzab
4. Potential Analysis

Clausen, Uwe - Efficiency and Innovation in Logistics, ebook

Efficiency and Innovation in Logistics

Clausen, Uwe


Corporate Social Responsibility Management of Small and Medium Sized Logistics Service Providers
Nora Meyer, Imke Schmidt
Part II. Intralogistics
4. Collaborative Detection of Autonomous Transport Vehicles
Andreas Kamagaew, Michael ten Hompel

Freitag, Michael - Dynamics in Logistics, ebook

Dynamics in Logistics

Freitag, Michael


Mapping Research on Logistics and Supply Chain Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration
Herbert Kotzab, Inga-Lena Darkow, Ilja Bäumler, Christoph Georgi, Sandra Luttermann
3. A System Dynamics Approach for SMEs Internationalization Networking Process

Liu, Bing-lian - Contemporary Logistics in China, ebook

Contemporary Logistics in China

Liu, Bing-lian


Development Status of China’s Logistics Infrastructure
Xiao-mei Jiang
4. China’s Logistics Development in Certain Key Regions
Ping Chen, Jun Liu, Ran Wei, Yong Liu
5. Logistics Development in Some Key Industrial