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Strong, Jeff - Pro Tools All-In-One For Dummies, ebook

Pro Tools All-In-One For Dummies

Strong, Jeff


A complete Pro Tools reference - from recording to mixing to mastering
Pro Tools has long been the recording industry's leading solution for capturing, mixing, and outputting audio. While it was once a tool known and used exclusively by engineers

Alexander, Brandon - Pro iOS5 Tools, ebook

Pro iOS5 Tools

Alexander, Brandon


Table of contents
1. Wax On, Wax Off
Brandon Alexander, Brad Dillion, Kevin Y. Kim
2. First-Class Tools
Brandon Alexander, Brad Dillion, Kevin Y. Kim
3. Three Screens … and Well, It Runs
Brandon Alexander, Brad Dillion, Kevin…

Cologon, Ray - FileMaker Pro 10 Bible, ebook

FileMaker Pro 10 Bible

Cologon, Ray


FileMaker Pro 10 Bible provides information that grows with you no matter what your level when you start. Topics range from the general (how databases fit into real life and your business needs; comparisons with other database development tools;

Gruman, Galen - MacBook Pro Portable Genius, ebook

MacBook Pro Portable Genius

Gruman, Galen


Learn the skills, tools and shortcuts you need in order to make the most of your MacBook Pro
This easy-to-use, compact guide skips the fluff and gets right to the essentials so that you can maximize all the latest features of the MacBook Pro. Packed

English, Graham - Logic Pro X For Dummies, ebook

Logic Pro X For Dummies

English, Graham


Spend less time learning and more time recording
Logic Pro X offers Mac users the tools and power they need to create recordings ready to share with the world. This book provides the know-how for navigating the interface, tweaking the settings, picking

UNKNOWN - Final Cut Pro<sup>&#174;</sup> Portable Genius, ebook

Final Cut Pro® Portable Genius



This savvy Portable Guide shows you how to get the most from Final Cut Pro. You’ll find cool and useful tips, full-color screenshots, and pages of easy-to-access shortcuts and tools that show you which editing technique is right for you, how to

Turnbull, James - Pro Puppet, ebook

Pro Puppet

Turnbull, James


Table of contents
1. Getting Started with Puppet
James Turnbull, Jeffrey McCune
2. Building Hosts with Puppet
James Turnbull, Jeffrey McCune
3. Working with Environments
James Turnbull, Jeffrey McCune
4. Puppet Scalability
James Turnbull, Jeffrey McCune
5. Externalizing Puppet Configuration

Donaldson, J. - Train Your Dog Like a Pro, ebook

Train Your Dog Like a Pro

Donaldson, J.


The tools you need to think and train like a professional
Jean Donaldson is one of the top dog trainers in the United States, and her training academy has gained a reputation as the Harvard for dog trainers and behavioral counselors. Now, you can harness her highly effective dog-training

Judd, Christopher M. - Pro Eclipse JST, ebook

Pro Eclipse JST

Judd, Christopher M.


Table of contents
1. J2EE Specification
2. Eclipse Plug-in Paradigm
3. Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project
4. Introduction to JST
5. Introduction to WST
6. Eclipse Web Tools Installation
7. J2EE Standard Tools Projects
8. Session Beans
9. Entity Beans
10. Message-Driven Beans
11. EJB Packaging

Akhtar, Shakil - Pro Apache Phoenix, ebook

Pro Apache Phoenix

Akhtar, Shakil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Shakil Akhtar, Ravi Magham
2. Using Phoenix
Shakil Akhtar, Ravi Magham
3. CRUD with Phoenix
Shakil Akhtar, Ravi Magham
4. Querying Data
Shakil Akhtar, Ravi Magham
5. Advanced Querying
Shakil Akhtar, Ravi Magham
6. Transactions
Shakil Akhtar, Ravi