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Leeds, Roger - Private Equity Investing in Emerging Markets, ebook

Private Equity Investing in Emerging Markets

Leeds, Roger


The Private Equity Advantage: Operational Value Creation
Roger Leeds, Nadiya Satyamurthy
5. Private Equity Performance before the Global Financial Crisis
Roger Leeds, Nadiya Satyamurthy
6. A Post-crisis Assessment:

Noblit, George W. - International Handbook of Urban Education, ebook

International Handbook of Urban Education

Noblit, George W.


Urbanization and Schooling in Africa: Trends, Issues, and Challenges from Ghana during the Colonial Era
Kwabena Dei Ofori-Attah
3. Language Education in Cameroon: From the Colonial Era to the 21st Century
Funwi F. Ayuninjam
4. The Politics of National