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Drake, Deborah H. - Prisons, Punishment and the Pursuit of Security, ebook

Prisons, Punishment and the Pursuit of Security

Drake, Deborah H.


Table of contents
1. Demythologising the Prison and its Uses
Deborah H. Drake
2. The Growing Hegemony of Imprisonment
Deborah H. Drake
3. Establishing Long-Term, Maximum-Security Imprisonment in England
Deborah H. Drake
4. A State of Security in Maximum-Security Prisons
Deborah H. Drake

Ruggiero, Vincenzo - Punishment in Europe, ebook

Punishment in Europe

Ruggiero, Vincenzo


Regression to the Mean: Punishment in the Netherlands
Miranda Boone, René Swaaningen
3. Punishment in Sweden: A Changing Penal Landscape
Hanns Hofer, Henrik Tham
4. Punishment as Politics: The Penal System in England and Wales
Emma Bell

Turner, Jennifer - The Prison Boundary, ebook

The Prison Boundary

Turner, Jennifer


Legislating a Prison Boundary in England and Wales
Jennifer Turner
4. Tourism on the Prison Boundary
Jennifer Turner
5. Working Towards a Boundary Crossing
Jennifer Turner
6. Complicating Carceral Boundaries with Offender Art
Jennifer Turner

Daems, Tom - Europe in Prisons, ebook

Europe in Prisons

Daems, Tom


Introduction: From Prisons in Europe to Europe in Prisons
Tom Daems, Luc Robert
2. Monitoring Prisons: The Increasingly Complex Relationship Between International and Domestic Frameworks
Christine Bicknell, Malcolm

Wringe, Bill - An Expressive Theory of Punishment, ebook

An Expressive Theory of Punishment

Wringe, Bill


Table of contents
Part I. The Paradigmatic Case
1. Punishment: Some Questions Philosophers Ask
Bill Wringe
2. Punishment, Harsh Treatment and Suffering
Bill Wringe
3. Punishment As Expression: Who? What? To Whom?
Bill Wringe
4. Expression, Publicity and Harsh Treatment
Bill Wringe
Part II.

Ugelvik, Thomas - Power and Resistance in Prison, ebook

Power and Resistance in Prison

Ugelvik, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Power, Resistance and Freedom in Prison
Thomas Ugelvik
2. Implementation
Thomas Ugelvik
3. The Forms of Power in Prison
Thomas Ugelvik
4. Taking Liberties
Thomas Ugelvik
5. Conclusion:…

Beckford, James A. - Muslims in Prison, ebook

Muslims in Prison

Beckford, James A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Aims, Access and Analysis
James A. Beckford, Danièle Joly, Farhad Khosrokhavar
2. Conceptual Framework: Categorisation, Muslims and Captivity
James A. Beckford, Danièle Joly, Farhad Khosrokhavar
3. Research Contexts
James A. Beckford, Danièle Joly, Farhad Khosrokhavar

Chantraine, Gilles - Prison Breaks, ebook

Prison Breaks

Chantraine, Gilles


Chapter 1 Prison Escapes, Everyday Life and the State: Narratives of Contiguity and Disruption
Mahuya Bandyopadhyay
3. Chapter 2 There Is No Escape: Constrained Tales of Sovereign Practice and Relations
Andrew M. Jefferson
4. Chapter 3 Resistant Adaptation: