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Priest, Graham - Logiikka, ebook


Priest, Graham


Priest tekee logiikasta helppoa mutta sysää lukijansa myös pohtimaan alan keskeisimpiä kysymyksiä itse.
Logiikka antaa yleiskuvan logiikan perusteista ja historiasta. Teos sopii sekä kaikille ajattelusta kiinnostuneille että täydentäväksi ja syventäväksi

Fermini, Bernard - Ion Channels, ebook

Ion Channels

Fermini, Bernard


Table of contents
1. Recent Advances in Ion Channel Screening Technologies
Bernard Fermini
2. Role of Kv7 and Cav3 Ion Channels in Pain
Douglas S. Krafte, Jeff Krajewski, Aaron Gerlach, Mark Suto
3. Potassium Channels: Oncogenic Potential…

Blaikie, Norman - Social Research: Paradigms in Action, ebook

Social Research: Paradigms in Action

Blaikie, Norman


This unique book explains the central role that research paradigms play in the design and conduct of social research. The authors argue that social research should not just describe or confirm a social problem but should seek to find an explanation for…

Kelly, Paul - The Greatest of These is Love, ebook

The Greatest of These is Love

Kelly, Paul


He didn't think like the other boys and the Parish Priest tried to convince him that he had a vocation to the priesthood and that was the reason why he felt as he did, but Joachim had no inclinations for the priesthood or for the married state. The other Catholic

Page, Chris - By the Light of a Ratcatcher's Moon, ebook

By the Light of a Ratcatcher's Moon

Page, Chris


How a Tudor priest-hunter and sexual deviant went about his business during the brutal Catholic purges of Henry VIII’s reformation and beyond. The main character is Seb Gunner, former builder and soldier who is recruited by Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury, as a hunter of