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Carroon, Jean - Sustainable Preservation: Greening Existing Buildings, ebook

Sustainable Preservation: Greening Existing Buildings

Carroon, Jean

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Sustainable Preservation takes a nuanced look at the hundreds of choices that adaptive reuse requires architects to make—from ingenious ways to redeploy existing structural elements to time-honored techniques for natural ventilation to creation of wetlands that restore a site's natural

Hubel, Allison - Preservation of Cells: A Practical Manual, ebook

Preservation of Cells: A Practical Manual

Hubel, Allison


Helps those that use cell preservation to develop new protocols or improve existing protocols
 This book provides readers with the tools needed to develop or debug a preservation protocol for cells. The core structure and content of the text grew

Cassens, Robert G. - Meat Preservation: Preventing Losses and Assuring Safety, ebook

Meat Preservation: Preventing Losses and Assuring Safety

Cassens, Robert G.


Meat Preservation is written as an integrated and all-encompassing text that includes historical aspects and trends, discussion of basic background information, the evaluation and status of techniques and procedures, and treatments of potential future developments. The latter are particularly

Seli, Emre - Fertility Preservation, ebook

Fertility Preservation

Seli, Emre


Fertility Preservation in Gynecologic Malignancies
Christine E. Richter, Peter E. Schwartz
15. Third-Party Reproduction and Adoption After Cancer: Practical and Emotional Considerations
Dorothy A. Greenfeld
16. Pregnancy and Cancer Treatment

Tucker, Gary S. - Food Preservation and Biodeterioration, ebook

Food Preservation and Biodeterioration

Tucker, Gary S.


Preservation on the other hand is the process by which food materials are maintained in their original condition or as close to this as possible.
This second edition of Food Preservation and Biodeterioration is fully updated

Logie, Robert H. - Personal Multimedia Preservation, ebook

Personal Multimedia Preservation

Logie, Robert H.


Multimedia Preservation: Why Bother?
Claudia Niederée, Vasileios Mezaris, Heiko Maus, Robert H. Logie
2. Preserving and Forgetting in the Human Brain
Robert H. Logie, Maria Wolters, Elaine Niven
3. Multimedia Processing Essentials

Giaretta, David - Advanced Digital Preservation, ebook

Advanced Digital Preservation

Giaretta, David


The Really Foolproof Solution for Digital PreservationDigital Preservation
David Giaretta
3. Introduction to OAISOAIS Concepts and Terminology
David Giaretta
4. Types of Digital Objects

Bhat, Rajeev - Progress in Food Preservation, ebook

Progress in Food Preservation

Bhat, Rajeev


Each chapter provides in-depth information on new and emerging food preservation techniques including those relating to decontamination, drying and dehydration, packaging innovations and the use of botanicals as natural preservatives for fresh animal and plant products.