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Birner, Betty J. - Introduction to Pragmatics, ebook

Introduction to Pragmatics

Birner, Betty J.


Introduction to Pragmatics guides students through traditional and new approaches in the field, focusing particularly on phenomena at the elusive semantics/pragmatics boundary to explore the role of context in linguistic communication. Offers students

Capone, Alessandro - The Pragmatics of Indirect Reports, ebook

The Pragmatics of Indirect Reports

Capone, Alessandro


The Semantics and Pragmatics of Attitudes ‘de se’
Alessandro Capone
11. Consequences of the Pragmatics of ‘De Se’
Alessandro Capone
12. Impure ‘de se’ Thoughts and Pragmatics (and How This Is Relevant

Johnson, Michael - The Semantics and Pragmatics of Quotation, ebook

The Semantics and Pragmatics of Quotation

Johnson, Michael


Pragmatics in Impure Quotation
Mario Gómez-Torrente
7. Reference and Reference-Fixing in Pure Quotation
Manuel García-Carpintero
8. Quotation in Dialogue
Eleni Gregoromichelaki
Part III. New Directions
9. The Pragmatics

Placencia, María Elena - Spanish Pragmatics, ebook

Spanish Pragmatics

Placencia, María Elena


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rosina Márquez Reiter, María Elena Placencia
2. Speech Act Theory: Examining Language at the Utterance Level
Rosina Márquez Reiter, María Elena Placencia
3. Conversation Analysis: Examining stretches…

Capone, Alessandro - Further Advances in Pragmatics and Philosophy, ebook

Further Advances in Pragmatics and Philosophy

Capone, Alessandro


Sub-Sententials: Pragmatics or Semantics?
Michael Devitt
4. An Investigation of a Gricean Account of Free-Choice or
Graeme Forbes
5. Negation as a window on the non-sequential nature of language interpretation and processing
Denis Delfitto

Cummings, Louise - Research in Clinical Pragmatics, ebook

Research in Clinical Pragmatics

Cummings, Louise


Table of contents
Part I. Developmental Pragmatic Disorders
1. Pragmatic Development
Gabriella Airenti
2. Pragmatic Language Impairment
Mieke P. Ketelaars, Mariëtte T. J. A. Embrechts
3. Autism Spectrum Disorder
Joanne Volden
4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Soile Loukusa

Dicerto, Sara - Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation, ebook

Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation

Dicerto, Sara


Table of contents
1. A New Model for Source Text Analysis in Translation
Sara Dicerto
2. On the Road to Multimodality: Semiotics
Sara Dicerto
3. Multimodal Meaning in Context: Pragmatics
Sara Dicerto
4. Analysing Multimodal…

Benz, Anton - Game Theory and Pragmatics, ebook

Game Theory and Pragmatics

Benz, Anton


A Game Theoretic Approach to the Pragmatics of Debate: An Expository Note
Jacob Glazer, Ariel Rubinstein
10. On the Evolutionary Dynamics of Meaning-Word Associations
Tom Lenaerts, Bart Vylder