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Weimann, Edda - High Performance in Hospital Management, ebook

High Performance in Hospital Management

Weimann, Edda


Table of contents
1. Engage Your Nurses, Clinicians and Patients to Drive Your Hospital
Edda Weimann, Peter Weimann
2. Create a Corporate Identity
Edda Weimann, Peter Weimann
3. Develop Your Vision and Communicate It
Edda Weimann,…

Gulati, Mangla S. - Hospital Medicine, ebook

Hospital Medicine

Gulati, Mangla S.


Table of contents
1. Primer on the Healthcare System
Norman F. Retener, Andrew Delapenha
2. Knowing Yourself and Your Style
Neda Frayha, Robert J. Habicht
3. Planning for a Career in Hospital Medicine
Kathryn Novello Silva, Abel Joy
4. Common Career Pitfalls: Real-World Guidance of Common Mistakes

Conrad, Kevin - Absolute Hospital Medicine Review, ebook

Absolute Hospital Medicine Review

Conrad, Kevin


Table of contents
1. Inpatient Medicine
Laura Bateman, Kevin Conrad
2. Consultative and Comanagement
Ashley Casey, Kevin Conrad
3. Hospital Systems Management
Marianne Maumus, Kevin Conrad

Aylott, Jill - Why Hospitals Fail, ebook

Why Hospitals Fail

Aylott, Jill


Assessing the Return on Investment (ROI) Through Appreciative Inquiry (AI) of Hospital Improvement Programmes
Kirtik Patel, Jill Aylott
4. Effective Medical Leaders Achieving Transformational Change
Martin A. Koyle
5. A Critique of Conceptual Leadership

Lees, Liz - Timely Discharge from Hospital, ebook

Timely Discharge from Hospital

Lees, Liz


‘In these challenging economic times, with change and cost saving being predominant features in the NHS, I offer you, the reader, a thought: “The faster the speed at which you travel, the further ahead you need to look”, to adapt current practice, and align it to future needs, to deliver

Iedema, Rick - The Discourse of Hospital Communication, ebook

The Discourse of Hospital Communication

Iedema, Rick


Institutional and Professional Orders of Ethics in the Discourse Practices of Research Recruitment in Oncology
Ellen Barton
3. The Communicative Functions of the Hospital Medical Chart
Pamela Hobbs
4. Governing the Operating Room List
Robin Riley,

Conrad, Kevin - Clinical Approaches to Hospital Medicine, ebook

Clinical Approaches to Hospital Medicine

Conrad, Kevin


Candidemia: New Directions for Management and Treatment
Amanda Theppote
4. Adjunct Corticosteroid Therapy for Patients with Community Acquired Pneumonia
Guy Handley, Ryan Sullivan
5. Procalcitonin and New Biomarkers
N. A. Mir, D. Ho, J. Toews,