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Fanet, Hervé - Ultra Low Power Electronics and Adiabatic Solutions, ebook

Ultra Low Power Electronics and Adiabatic Solutions

Fanet, Hervé


This book provides the basic principles explaining the origin and limits of heat dissipation in electronic systems. This problem is significant and explains developments in microelectronics. The emergence of the Internet of Things is a more important…

Costa, Fran?ois - Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Electronics, ebook

Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Electronics

Costa, Fran?ois

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Scientists largely attribute the recent deterioration of the electromagnetic environment to power electronics. This realization has spurred the study of methodical approaches to electromagnetic compatibility designs as explored in this text. The book

Rim, Chun T. - Phasor Power Electronics, ebook

Phasor Power Electronics

Rim, Chun T.


Phasored Power Electronics and Beyond
13. Phasor Transformers in Power Electronics and Beyond
Chun T. Rim
14. The Future of Power Electronics

Bai, Hua - Transients of Modern Power Electronics, ebook

Transients of Modern Power Electronics

Bai, Hua


In high power, high voltage electronics systems, a strategy to manage short timescale energy imbalances is fundamental to the system reliability. Without a theoretical framework, harmful local convergence of energy can affect the dynamic process of transformation, transmission, and storage