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Geraghty, Lincoln - Popular Media Cultures, ebook

Popular Media Cultures

Geraghty, Lincoln


“We Put the Media in (Anti)social Media”: Channel 4’s Youth Audiences, Unofficial Archives and the Promotion of Second-Screen Viewing
Michael O’Neill
3. Television Fandom in the Age of Narrowcasting: The Politics of Proximity in Regional Scripted Reality

Todd, Erica - Passionate Love and Popular Cinema, ebook

Passionate Love and Popular Cinema

Todd, Erica


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Depicting Love in Cinema
Erica Todd
2. Passionate Love in Hollywood and the Romantic Drama Genre
Erica Todd
3. Passionate Love in Early Hollywood Romantic Dramas
Erica Todd
4. Passionate Love…

Balzano, Wanda - Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture, ebook

Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture

Balzano, Wanda


Table of contents
Part I. Race
1. Not Irish Enough? Masculinity and Ethnicity in The Wire and Rescue Me
Gerardine Meaney
2. Reading and Writing Race in Ireland: Roddy Doyle and Metro Eireann
Maureen T. Reddy
3. Marching, Minstrelsy, Masquerade: Parading White Loyalist Masculinity as ‘Blackness’

Burnett, Judith - New Social Connections, ebook

New Social Connections

Burnett, Judith


Complexity, ‘Nature’ and Social Domination: Towards a Sociology of Species Relations
Erika Cudworth
7. The Death of History in British Sociology: Presentism, Intellectual Entrepreneurship, and the Conundra of Historical Consciousness
David Inglis

Porta, Donatella - Democracy in Social Movements, ebook

Democracy in Social Movements

Porta, Donatella


Why Are Social Movement Organizations Deliberative? Structural and Cultural Determinants of Internal Decision Making in the Global Justice Movement
Marco Giugni, Alessandro Nai
7. Organizational Size and Democratic Practices: Can Large Be Beautiful?