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Geeraert, Arnout - The EU in International Sports Governance, ebook

The EU in International Sports Governance

Geeraert, Arnout


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Arnout Geeraert
2. The EU’s Engagement with FIFA and UEFA: Principals, Agents, and Supervisors
Arnout Geeraert
3. Representation and Control in the Governance of European Football
Arnout Geeraert
4. The EU Law Route
Arnout Geeraert
5. The EU Sports Policy

Wright, Mike - Operational Research Applied to Sports, ebook

Operational Research Applied to Sports

Wright, Mike


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mike Wright
2. The Optimal Aiming Line
Shaul P. Ladany, John W. Humes, Georghios P. Sphicas
3. Using Hypergames to Model Difficult Social Issues: An Approach to the Case of Soccer Hooliganism

Bahill, A. Terry - The Science of Baseball, ebook

The Science of Baseball

Bahill, A. Terry


Table of contents
1. Types of Bat-Ball Collisions
A. Terry Bahill
2. Configurations of Bat-Ball Collisions
A. Terry Bahill
3. Equations for Bat-Ball Collisions
A. Terry Bahill
4. The BaConLaw Model for Bat-Ball Collisions

Channon, Alex - Global Perspectives on Women in Combat Sports, ebook

Global Perspectives on Women in Combat Sports

Channon, Alex


Table of contents
1. Approaching the Gendered Phenomenon of ‘Women Warriors’
Alex Channon, Christopher R. Matthews
Part I. Discursive Constructions and Mediated Representations of Women in Combat Sports
2. Moral Guardians, Miniskirts and Nicola Adams: The Changing Media Discourse on Women’s Boxing

Memmert, Daniel - Revolution im Profifußball, ebook

Revolution im Profifußball

Memmert, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Wann kommt die Revolution?
Daniel Memmert, Dominik Raabe
2. Mehr als nur ein Spiel
Daniel Memmert, Dominik Raabe
3. Messis Weg in den Computer
Daniel Memmert, Dominik Raabe
4. Datensammeln in der Bundesliga

Hermes, Joke - Re-reading Popular Culture, ebook

Re-reading Popular Culture

Hermes, Joke


Re-reading Popular Culture is an entertaining investigation of the meanings and value of popular culture today. It explores the theme of cultural citizenship by combining textual analysis and media reception theory to analyze popular culture.

Behringer, Michael - Kraftvoll ins Wasser, ebook

Kraftvoll ins Wasser

Behringer, Michael


Table of contents
1. Was müssen Trainer und Athlet wissen, um ein Krafttraining sinnvoll auszuführen?
Andreas Hahn, Dieter Strass
2. Wie hat Britta Steffen das Krafttraining genutzt, um Olympiasiegerin zu werden?
Britta Steffen, Andreas…

Bachl, Norbert - Aktiv ins Alter, ebook

Aktiv ins Alter

Bachl, Norbert


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
2. Phänomen des Alterns
3. Zivilisationskrankheiten — nein danke!
4. Altern beginnt im Kopf — jung bleiben auch
5. Bewegung im Alltag, Sport und Training
6. Richtig gut essen