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Perrault, Sarah Tinker - Communicating Popular Science, ebook

Communicating Popular Science

Perrault, Sarah Tinker


Table of contents
Part I. Foundations
1. Popular Science Writing: Problems and Potential
Sarah Tinker Perrault
2. Theoretical and Analytical Framework
Sarah Tinker Perrault
3. A Brief History of Science Popularization
Sarah Tinker Perrault
4. Practitioner Perspectives on their Craft
Sarah Tinker

Shanahan, Timothy - Philosophy and Blade Runner, ebook

Philosophy and Blade Runner

Shanahan, Timothy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Timothy Shanahan
2. Being Human
Timothy Shanahan
3. Persons
Timothy Shanahan
4. Identity
Timothy Shanahan
5. Consciousness
Timothy Shanahan
6. Freedom
Timothy Shanahan

Irwin, William - Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am, ebook

Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am

Irwin, William


Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am presents a philosophical exploration of the world of Alien, the simultaneously horrifying and thought-provoking sci-fi horror masterpiece, and the film franchise it spawned. The first book dedicated to exploring the philosophy

Stokke, Kristian - Rethinking Popular Representation, ebook

Rethinking Popular Representation

Stokke, Kristian


School Provision, the Capacity to Aspire, and the State of Popular Representation in West Bengal
Neil Webster
6. The Politics of Gradualismo: Popular Participation and Decentralised Governance in Mozambique
Lars Buur

May, Andrew - Pseudoscience and Science Fiction, ebook

Pseudoscience and Science Fiction

May, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Charles Fort and the Forteans
Andrew May
2. Anomalous Phenomena
Andrew May
3. High-Tech Paranoia
Andrew May
4. Flying Saucers
Andrew May
5. Mind Power
Andrew May
6. Space Drives and Anti-gravity

Fuller, Steve - The Customization of Science, ebook

The Customization of Science

Fuller, Steve


The Customization of Science: An Introduction to the Debate
1. The Customization of Science: An Introduction to the Debate
Mikael Stenmark
Part I. Worldviews and Customized Science
2. Islam and Science

Balzano, Wanda - Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture, ebook

Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture

Balzano, Wanda


Table of contents
Part I. Race
1. Not Irish Enough? Masculinity and Ethnicity in The Wire and Rescue Me
Gerardine Meaney
2. Reading and Writing Race in Ireland: Roddy Doyle and Metro Eireann
Maureen T. Reddy
3. Marching, Minstrelsy, Masquerade: Parading White Loyalist Masculinity as ‘Blackness’