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Waxman, Jonathan - MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine, ebook

MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine

Waxman, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. The Grandest Surgeon
Jonathan Waxman
2. An Introduction to Medicine
Jonathan Waxman
3. The Pleasures of Undergraduate Research
Jonathan Waxman
4. In Foreign Parts
Jonathan Waxman
5. Life Classes

Vineis, Paolo - Health Without Borders, ebook

Health Without Borders

Vineis, Paolo


Table of contents
1. The Double Debt: Economic and Environmental
Paolo Vineis
2. An Overview of What Global Health Is
Paolo Vineis
3. Food
Paolo Vineis
4. Climate Change
Paolo Vineis
5. The Environment
Paolo Vineis
6. The Economic Crisis
Paolo Vineis
7. Cancer: A Time Bomb in

Singh, Prati Pal - Water and Health, ebook

Water and Health

Singh, Prati Pal


Water Quality and Health Issues in South-West Parts of Punjab State, India
K. P. Singh
24. Groundwater Chemical Contamination: The Implication for Human Health
Anita Rana, D. M. Craig

Harrington, J. Timothy - Great Health Care, ebook

Great Health Care

Harrington, J. Timothy


Why Has the US Health System Become What It Is?
J. Timothy Harrington
4. Making Chronic Disease Care Great
J. Timothy Harrington
5. Building Systems of Care
Eric D. Newman
6. Problem Solving
Eric D. Newman
7. Testing and Implementing

Putrino, David - Hacking Health, ebook

Hacking Health

Putrino, David


Table of contents
Part I. Nuts and Bolts
1. Introduction—Why Me?
David Putrino
2. Constructing Your Idea
David Putrino
3. Forming Your Team
David Putrino
4. The Usual Suspects: Members of Your HealthTech Team

Dickinson, Helen - The Reform of Health Care, ebook

The Reform of Health Care

Dickinson, Helen


The Lost Health Service Tribe:In Search of Middle Managers
Paula Hyde, Edward Granter, Leo McCann, John Hassard
3. Managing the Psychological Contract in Health and Social Care: The Role of Policy
Delia Wainwright,

Harris, Roma - Mediating Health Information, ebook

Mediating Health Information

Harris, Roma


The Go-Betweens: Health, Technology and Info(r)mediation
Sally Wyatt, Roma Harris, Nadine Wathen
2. ‘Everybody’s Talking at Me’: Situating the Client in the Info(r)mediary Work of the Health Professions
Leslie Bella, Roma Harris, Debbie Chavez, Jana

Koivusalo, Meri - Commercialization of Health Care, ebook

Commercialization of Health Care

Koivusalo, Meri


Strategies of Multinational Health Care Companies in Europe and Asia
Jane Lethbridge
3. Multinational Corporations and Health Care in the United States and Latin America: Strategies, Actions and Effects
Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar,

Harris, Roma - Configuring Health Consumers, ebook

Configuring Health Consumers

Harris, Roma


In Sickness and in Health: Public and Private Responsibility for Health Care from Bismarck to Obama
Leslie Bella
3. Power to the Patient? A Critical Examination of Patient Empowerment Discourses
Tiffany Veinot