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Burns, Gary - A Companion to Popular Culture, ebook

A Companion to Popular Culture

Burns, Gary


A Companion to Popular Culture is a landmark survey of contemporary research in popular culture studies that offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the field.

Street, John - Politics and Popular Culture, ebook

Politics and Popular Culture

Street, John


In an age where film stars become presidents and politicians appear in pop videos, politics and popular culture have become inextricably interlinked. In this exciting new book, John Street provides a broad survey and analysis of this relationship.

Horn, Katrin - Women, Camp, and Popular Culture, ebook

Women, Camp, and Popular Culture

Horn, Katrin


Table of contents
1. Beyond Gay Men and After the Closet: Camp’s New Politics and Pleasures
Katrin Horn
2. The History and Theory of Camp
Katrin Horn
3. The Great Dyke Rewrite: Lesbian Camp on the Big Screen
Katrin Horn

Toner, J. P. - Popular Culture in Ancient Rome, ebook

Popular Culture in Ancient Rome

Toner, J. P.

From 28,25€

Much ancient history, however, has focused on the lives, politics and culture of the minority elite. This book helps redress the balance by focusing on the non-elite in the Roman world. It builds a vivid account of the everyday lives of the masses, including their

Beer, David - Popular Culture and New Media, ebook

Popular Culture and New Media

Beer, David


Introduction: The Intersections of Popular Culture and New Media
David Beer
2. Objects and Infrastructures: Opening the Pathways of Cultural Circulation
David Beer
3. Archiving: Organising the Circulations of Popular

Meisel, Perry - The Myth of Popular Culture: From Dante to Dylan, ebook

The Myth of Popular Culture: From Dante to Dylan

Meisel, Perry


The Myth of Popular Culture from Dante to Dylan is a fascinating examination of the cultural traditions of the American novel, Hollywood, and British and American rock music which leads us to redefine our concept of the division between "high" and "low"