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Behling, Felix - Welfare Beyond the Welfare State, ebook

Welfare Beyond the Welfare State

Behling, Felix


Welfare Beyond the Welfare State. The Employment Relationship in Germany and the UK
Felix Behling
2. A Blueprint for Mass-Employment in the Period of Industrialisation
Felix Behling
3. Building the Welfare

Kurian, Nimmi - Welfare States and the Future, ebook

Welfare States and the Future

Kurian, Nimmi


Introduction: Welfare States and the Future
B. Vivekanandan, Nimmi Kurian
2. Welfare States in Perspective
Pradip Bose
3. Economic Foundations of Welfare State Systems
Sandwip Kumar Das
4. A World Economy

Hooren, Franca - The Welfare State as Crisis Manager, ebook

The Welfare State as Crisis Manager

Hooren, Franca


The Politics of Crisis Response
Peter Starke, Alexandra Kaasch, Franca Hooren
3. How the Countries Compare
Peter Starke, Alexandra Kaasch, Franca Hooren
4. The Oil Shocks of 1973 and 1979: Keynesianism and Beyond
Peter Starke, Alexandra Kaasch,

Jewell, Christopher J. - Agents of the Welfare State, ebook

Agents of the Welfare State

Jewell, Christopher J.


Linking Welfare Caseworker Decision Making to State Institutions
Christopher J. Jewell
3. Welfare Caseworkers in California, the United States: Eligibility Technicians and the Regulation of Desert
Christopher J. Jewell

Starke, Peter - Radical Welfare State Retrenchment, ebook

Radical Welfare State Retrenchment

Starke, Peter


Table of contents
Part I. Puzzles, Preliminaries and Prior Vulnerabilities
1. Introduction: An Empirical Puzzle
Peter Starke
2. Preliminaries: Measurement, Theories and Strategy of Comparison
Peter Starke
3. Prior Vulnerabilities:…