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Johnson, Janet Elise - The Gender of Informal Politics, ebook

The Gender of Informal Politics

Johnson, Janet Elise


Introduction: Informal Politics and the Gender Equality Paradox
Janet Elise Johnson
2. Liberalization: How Economic Reforms Consolidated a Bait-and-Switch Male Dominance
Janet Elise Johnson
3. Women’s Representation:

Staab, Silke - Gender and the Politics of Gradual Change, ebook

Gender and the Politics of Gradual Change

Staab, Silke


(En)Gendering Change in a Highly Constrained Setting
Silke Staab
4. Health Reform (2002–2004)
Silke Staab
5. Pension Reform (2008)
Silke Staab
6. The Expansion of Childcare Services (2006–2010)
Silke Staab
7. Maternity Leave Reform

Krook, Mona Lena - Gender, Politics and Institutions, ebook

Gender, Politics and Institutions

Krook, Mona Lena


Introduction: Gender, Politics, and Institutions
Mona Lena Krook, Fiona Mackay
2. Gender and Institutions of Political Recruitment: Candidate Selection in Post-Devolution Scotland
Meryl Kenny
3. Discursive Strategies

Macaulay, Fiona - Gender Politics in Brazil and Chile, ebook

Gender Politics in Brazil and Chile

Macaulay, Fiona


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fiona Macaulay
2. Gendered and Gendering Parties
Fiona Macaulay
Part I. Brazil
3. Porous Parties, Permeable State
Fiona Macaulay
4. The Workers’ Party, Gender and Feminism
Fiona Macaulay
5. O Modo Petista: Local-Level Gender Policy
Fiona Macaulay

Jabiri, Afaf - Gendered Politics and Law in Jordan, ebook

Gendered Politics and Law in Jordan

Jabiri, Afaf


Introduction: Gender, Law, and Politics in Jordan
Afaf Jabiri
2. Constructing Normative Femininity: The Engagement of Law and Religious Interpretations
Afaf Jabiri
3. Women’s Alternative Forms of Femininity: Compliant, Pragmatic, and Exceptional Selves

D’Costa, Bina - Gender and Global Politics in the Asia-Pacific, ebook

Gender and Global Politics in the Asia-Pacific

D’Costa, Bina


Gendering Global Politics in the Asia-Pacific
4. The ‘Kitsch’ of War
Ching-Chane Hwang, L. H. M. Ling
5. When the UN ‘Succeeds’
Sandra Whitworth
6. Feminizing Global Governance
Shirin M. Rai
Part III. ‘Worlding Women’
7. Confessions

Bitzan, Renate - Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe, ebook

Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe

Bitzan, Renate


Contesting Gender Equality Politics in Finland: The Finns Party Effect
Tuukka Ylä-Anttila, Eeva Luhtakallio
4. The Increasing Visibility of Right-Wing Extremist Women in Contemporary Europe: Is Great Britain an Exception?

Beach, Cecilia - Staging Politics and Gender, ebook

Staging Politics and Gender

Beach, Cecilia


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Theater, Politics, and Gender
Cecilia Beach
2. Staging the Revolution: Louise Michel
Cecilia Beach
3. Feminism and the Freethinkers Movement: Nelly Roussel
Cecilia Beach
4. Theater of a Tolstoïenne: Véra Starkoff
Cecilia Beach
5. Braving the Law: Madeleine

Lenskyj, Helen Jefferson - Gender Politics and the Olympic Industry, ebook

Gender Politics and the Olympic Industry

Lenskyj, Helen Jefferson


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
2. Beyond Binaries: An Intersectional Analysis
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
3. The Limits of Liberalism: Sex, Gender and Sexualities
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
4. Challenges to the Olympic Industry
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
5. In The Pool, on