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Cooper, Andrew F. - Inter-American Cooperation at a Crossroads, ebook

Inter-American Cooperation at a Crossroads

Cooper, Andrew F.


Hemispheric Relations: Budding Contests in the Dawn of a New Era
Diana Tussie
3. The Obama Administration and Latin America: Towards a New Partnership?
Daniel P. Erikson
4. The Caribbean in a Turbulent World
Norman Girvan
Part II. Responding

Daase, Christopher - Recognition in International Relations, ebook

Recognition in International Relations

Daase, Christopher


Table of contents
Part I. Conceptual Foundations
1. Gradual Processes, Ambiguous Consequences: Rethinking Recognition in International Relations
Anna Geis, Caroline Fehl, Christopher Daase, Georgios Kolliarakis
2. Recognition between States? Moving beyond Identity Politics
Mattias Iser
Part II. Recognition

Chernoff, Fred - Theory and Metatheory in International Relations, ebook

Theory and Metatheory in International Relations

Chernoff, Fred


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fred Chernoff
2. Three Policy Dilemmas
Fred Chernoff
3. Policy Decisions and Theories of International Relations
Fred Chernoff
4. International Relations and Scientific Criteria for Choosing a Theory
Fred Chernoff
5. Reflectivist Opposition to the Scientific