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Hollander, Paul - Political Violence, ebook

Political Violence

Hollander, Paul


Leadership Succession and Political Violence in the USSR Following Stalin’s Death
Mark Kramer
6. Post-Communist Political Violence: The Poisoning

Freilich, Joshua D. - The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism, ebook

The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism

Freilich, Joshua D.


The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism features a collection of essays that represent the most recent criminological research relating to the origins and evolution of, along with responses to, terrorism, from a criminological perspective. Offers

Milton-Edwards, Beverley - Hamas: The Islamic Resistance Movement, ebook

Hamas: The Islamic Resistance Movement

Milton-Edwards, Beverley


Drawing on their frontline experiences of recent events, their access to secret documents from the western intelligence community and interviews with leaders, militants, and commanders of Hamas' armed battalions, they reveal the full story of Hamas and the future of political

Law, Randall D. - Terrorism: A History, ebook

Terrorism: A History

Law, Randall D.


We live in an era dominated by terrorism but struggle to understand its meaning and the real nature of the threat. In this new edition of his widely acclaimed survey of the topic, Randall Law makes sense of the history of terrorism by examining it within

 - Violence and Islam: Conversations with Houria Abdelouahed, ebook

Violence and Islam: Conversations with Houria Abdelouahed


Yet alongside this spearheading of a modernist literary revolution, the secular Syrian-born poet is also renowned for his persistent and staunch attacks on despotism across the Arab world.
In these conversations with the psychoanalyst Houria Abdelouahed, Adonis

Cesare, Donatella Di - Terror and Modernity, ebook

Terror and Modernity

Cesare, Donatella Di


At its most basic level, terrorism is about the struggle for power and sovereignty. The growing concentration of power in the hands of the state, which is a constitutive feature of modern societies, sows the seeds of terrorism,

Jones, David Martin - Sacred Violence, ebook

Sacred Violence

Jones, David Martin


Counterinsurgency (COIN): The Post-9/11 Military Revolution and Its Consequences
David Martin Jones, M. L. R. Smith
6. Non-Western Terror and Counterinsurgency: The Case of Jemaah Islamiyah
David Martin Jones, M. L. R. Smith
7. Beyond Belief: Islamist