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Elgie, Robert - Political Leadership, ebook

Political Leadership

Elgie, Robert


Table of contents
1. Making Sense of the World
Robert Elgie
2. Making Sense of Leadership Outcomes
Robert Elgie
3. The Psychological Effects of Presidential Institutions: written by David Doyle and Robert Elgie
Robert Elgie
4. Regime Types, Presidential Power, and Clarity of Economic Responsibility

Helms, Ludger - Comparative Political Leadership, ebook

Comparative Political Leadership

Helms, Ludger


Introduction: The Importance of Studying Political Leadership Comparatively
Ludger Helms
2. Executive Leadership in Comparative Perspective: Politicians, Bureaucrats and Public Governance

Gaffney, John - Political Leadership in France, ebook

Political Leadership in France

Gaffney, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John Gaffney
2. 1958: The Gaullist Settlement and French Politics
John Gaffney
3. 1958–68: The Consolidation and Evolution of the Fifth Republic
John Gaffney
4. 1968 and its Aftermath

Grove, Andrea K. - Political Leadership in Foreign Policy, ebook

Political Leadership in Foreign Policy

Grove, Andrea K.


Table of contents
1. Leadership in Foreign Policy
Andrea K. Grove
2. Forcing Peace: John Hume’s “Long Struggle” in Northern Ireland, 1982–1998
Andrea K. Grove
3. From the Outside in: George H.W. Bush and the Persian Gulf War, August 1990–January 1991
Andrea K. Grove
4. Resisting Change: Mugabe

Femia, Joseph - Political Leadership in Liberal and Democratic Theory, ebook

Political Leadership in Liberal and Democratic Theory

Femia, Joseph


The working hypothesis of this book is that the issue of leadership is neglected by mainstream democratic and liberal theories. This deficiency has especially become evident in the last three or four decades, which have witnessed a revival of deontological liberalism and radical theories

Berg, Rikke - Transforming Local Political Leadership, ebook

Transforming Local Political Leadership

Berg, Rikke


The Reform of the Political Executive in Dutch Local Government
Bas Denters, Pieter-Jan Klok, Henk Kolk
3. The Directly Elected Executive Mayor in German Local Government
Hellmut Wollmann
4. From Committees to Leaders and Cabinets
Nirmala Rao