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Goodin, Robert E. - Green Political Theory, ebook

Green Political Theory

Goodin, Robert E.


With their remarkable electoral successes, Green parties worldwide seized the political imagination of friends and foes alike. Mainstream politicians busily disparage them and imitate them in turn. This new book shows that 'greens' deserve to be taken more seriously than that.
This is

Hay, Colin - Why We Hate Politics, ebook

Why We Hate Politics

Hay, Colin


How has this come to pass? Why do we hate politics and politicians so much? How pervasive is the contemporary condition of political disaffection? And what is politics anyway?
In this lively and original work, Colin Hay provides a series of innovative and provocative

Goodin, Robert E. - What's Wrong With Terrorism, ebook

What's Wrong With Terrorism

Goodin, Robert E.


In this provocative new book, Robert Goodin puts forward the view that terrorism is, in fact, a deliberate tactic of frightening people for socio-political gain. Fear affects peoples ability to reason clearly and undermines their capacity for autonomous self-government.

Keane, John - Civil Society: Old Images, New Visions, ebook

Civil Society: Old Images, New Visions

Keane, John


Written with style and imagination, this important book by John Keane will be of great interest to students and scholars in politics, media studies, sociology, social and political theory, and to a broader public audience interested in the central debates and

Rogers, Paul - Why We're Losing the War on Terror, ebook

Why We're Losing the War on Terror

Rogers, Paul


Why We're Losing the War on Terror examines the reasons for the failure, focusing on American political and military attitudes, the impact of 9/11, the fallacy of a New American Century, the role of oil and, above all, the consummate failure to go beyond a narrow western

Guibernau, Montserrat - The Identity of Nations, ebook

The Identity of Nations

Guibernau, Montserrat


At present, the impact of strong structural socio-political and economic transformations has resulted in greater challenges being posed to the idea that all citizens of a state should share a homogeneous national identity.
Diversity is increasing, and plans for

Street, John - Politics and Popular Culture, ebook

Politics and Popular Culture

Street, John


In an age where film stars become presidents and politicians appear in pop videos, politics and popular culture have become inextricably interlinked. In this exciting new book, John Street provides a broad survey and analysis of this relationship.

Hall, John R. - Civil Society: Theory, History, Comparison, ebook

Civil Society: Theory, History, Comparison

Hall, John R.


This volume of especially commissioned essays explains what is meant by "civil society", paying particular attention to the relationships between civil society and other social forces such as nationalism and populism.