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Vogelsang-Coombs, Vera - The Political Ethics of Public Service, ebook

The Political Ethics of Public Service

Vogelsang-Coombs, Vera


Great Political Ideas and American Constitutionalism: Balancing Liberty and Equality in Government
6. Political Philosophy, the American Constitutional Heritage, and Constitutional Thinking
Vera Vogelsang-Coombs
7. Federalism, Constitutional Law, and the

Steinberger, Peter J. - Political Judgment: An Introduction, ebook

Political Judgment: An Introduction

Steinberger, Peter J.


What exactly is good judgment in politics? What are the characteristics of people who judge especially well? How is good judgment acquired and how can we recognize it in others?
Peter Steinberger addresses such questions by considering a variety of important developments in the history of political

Ware, Ben - Modernism, Ethics and the Political Imagination, ebook

Modernism, Ethics and the Political Imagination

Ware, Ben


Right in Front of Our Eyes: Aspect-Perception, Ethics and the Utopian Imagination in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations
Ben Ware
3. Johannes de Silentio and the Art of Subtraction: From Voice to Love in Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling

Goldberg, Zachary J. - Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility, ebook

Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility

Goldberg, Zachary J.


Table of contents
1. Individual and Collective Responsibility
Andrew C. Khoury
2. Monsters and Their Makers: Group Agency Without Moral Agency
Maike Albertzart
3. French’s Influence on the Modern Discussion of Corporate Criminal Liability: The Case of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Compliance

Kavaliauskas, Tomas - The Individual in Business Ethics, ebook

The Individual in Business Ethics

Kavaliauskas, Tomas


The Breakaway of Business Ethics from Classical Ethics
Tomas Kavaliauskas
4. Institutionalization of a Code of Ethics and the Politics of the Protestant Work Ethic
Tomas Kavaliauskas
Part II. The Individual’s

Boylan, Michael - Business Ethics, ebook

Business Ethics

Boylan, Michael


The second edition of Business Ethics introduces readers to key ethical issues that arise within the world of business, providing a strong theoretical foundation as well as real world applications. This new edition has been greatly revised, and includes new sections on the financial services

Boylan, Michael - Environmental Ethics, ebook

Environmental Ethics

Boylan, Michael


The second edition of Environmental Ethics combines a strong theoretical foundation with applications to some of the most pressing environmental problems. Through a mix of classic and new essays, it discusses applied issues such as pollution, climate change, animal rights, biodiversity,

Helmchen, Hanfried - Ethics in Psychiatry, ebook

Ethics in Psychiatry

Helmchen, Hanfried


Clinical Ethics Committees and Ethics Consultation in Psychiatry
Jochen Vollmann
8. Ethical Principles in Psychiatry: The Declarations of Hawaii and Madrid
Otto W. Steenfeldt-Foss
9. Informed Consent in Psychiatric Practice
Hanfried Helmchen