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Merrill, Roberto - Political Neutrality, ebook

Political Neutrality

Merrill, Roberto


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Roberto Merrill
Part I. General Approaches
2. Neutrality and Political Liberalism
Richard J. Arneson
3. The Possibility and Desirability of Neutrality
Peter Marneffe
4. Perfectionist Neutrality
Steven Wall
5. Expressive Neutrality
Kwame Anthony Appiah

Embree, Lester - Political Phenomenology, ebook

Political Phenomenology

Embree, Lester


Political Situations and Contemporary Problems
16. “Spaces of Freedom”: Materiality, Mediation, and Direct Political Participation in the Work of Arendt and Sartre
Sonia Kruks
17. Transversality and Mestizaje: Moving

Elgie, Robert - Political Leadership, ebook

Political Leadership

Elgie, Robert


Table of contents
1. Making Sense of the World
Robert Elgie
2. Making Sense of Leadership Outcomes
Robert Elgie
3. The Psychological Effects of Presidential Institutions: written by David Doyle and Robert Elgie
Robert Elgie

Fives, Allyn - Political Reason, ebook

Political Reason

Fives, Allyn


Introduction — Political Reason after the Enlightenmen
Allyn Fives
2. Reason and Tradition
Allyn Fives
3. Reason and Faith
Allyn Fives
4. Agonism
Allyn Fives
5. Reasonableness
Allyn Fives
6. Civic Education for Democracy

Morgenthau, Hans J. - The Concept of the Political, ebook

The Concept of the Political

Morgenthau, Hans J.


The Concept of the Political and the Theory of International Disputes
5. Introduction
Hans J. Morgenthau
6. On the Concept of Legal Disputes
Hans J. Morgenthau
7. The Concept of the Political
Hans J. Morgenthau
8. On the Concept of Political

Newman, Saul - Political Theology: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Political Theology: A Critical Introduction

Newman, Saul


This is the problem of political theology: the way that theological ideas find their way into secular political institutions, particularly the sovereign state.
In this intellectual tour-de-force, leading political

Tuckness, Alex - This Is Political Philosophy: An Introduction, ebook

This Is Political Philosophy: An Introduction

Tuckness, Alex


Political Philosophy, First Edition is an accessible and well-balanced introduction to the main issues in political philosophy written by an author team from the fields of both philosophy and politics. This text connects issues at the core of political

Usher, Daniel - Political Economy, ebook

Political Economy

Usher, Daniel


The text explains basic economic concepts from a political perspective: how the price mechanism substitutes for central authority in determining production and allocation of goods; the use of demand and supply curves to trace the impacts of tariffs, taxes, subsidies,