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Gabryanczyk, Daria - Polish For Dummies, ebook

Polish For Dummies

Gabryanczyk, Daria


It is pronounced phonetically and has several unique characters in its alphabet, but with Polish For Dummies in hand, you'll find yourself speaking like a local in no time. Packed with practical lessons, handy cultural facts, and essential references (including a

Bajger, Christopher - The Eight-Language Tourism Dictionary, ebook

The Eight-Language Tourism Dictionary

Bajger, Christopher


Get your hands on the brand-new “Eight-language tourism dictionary”. The topics in the book are treated in eight languages-English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech and Slovak. This book includes all the most useful word phrases and

Piechurska-Kuciel, Ewa - Language in Cognition and Affect, ebook

Language in Cognition and Affect

Piechurska-Kuciel, Ewa


The Acquisition of the English Article System by Polish Learners in Different Proficiency Groups Juxtaposed with a Case Study
Artur Świątek
10. Reducing Cognitive Barriers to Successful Dictionary Use: Advancements in

Horák, Jiří - Dynamics in GIscience, ebook

Dynamics in GIscience

Horák, Jiří


Multilingual Sentiment Mapping Using Twitter, Open Source Tools, and Dictionary Based Machine Translation Approach
David Kocich
17. Dynamic Zoning in the Course of GIS-Based Football Game Analysis
Gilbert Kotzbek, Wolfgang Kainz
18. Spatio-Temporal