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Gabryanczyk, Daria - Polish For Dummies, ebook

Polish For Dummies

Gabryanczyk, Daria


It is pronounced phonetically and has several unique characters in its alphabet, but with Polish For Dummies in hand, you'll find yourself speaking like a local in no time. Packed with practical lessons, handy cultural facts, and essential references (including a

Gussmann, Edmund - The Phonology of Polish, ebook

The Phonology of Polish

Gussmann, Edmund


In the most complete phonology of Contemporary Standard Polish ever published Edmund Gussmann presents a wide range of data, much drawn from his own research and all presented in a clear, accessible manner. This important book will interest all scholars and advanced students of Polish

Ramet, Sabrina P. - The Catholic Church in Polish History, ebook

The Catholic Church in Polish History

Ramet, Sabrina P.


The Polish Church in the Era of the Partitions, 1772–1918
Sabrina P. Ramet
4. The Interwar Republic, 1918–1939
Sabrina P. Ramet
5. War Years and Communism, 1939–1989
Sabrina P. Ramet
6. Transition to Pluralism, 1989–2004

Virkus, Robert - Pro J2ME Polish, ebook

Pro J2ME Polish

Virkus, Robert


Table of contents
Part 1. Getting Ready
1. Quick Setup Guide
2. Installing the Prerequisites
3. Installing J2ME Polish
4. Integrating J2ME Polish into IDEs
Part 2. Using J2ME Polish
5. Getting to Know J2ME Polish
6. The Device Database
7. Building Applications
8. Preprocessing
9. The Logging

Chen, Yiqing - Polishing of Diamond Materials, ebook

Polishing of Diamond Materials

Chen, Yiqing


Dynamic Friction Polishing: Process and Modeling
Yiqing Chen, Liangchi Zhang
8. Dynamic Friction Polishing: Characterization and Material Removal Mechanisms
Yiqing Chen, Liangchi Zhang
9. Dynamic Friction Polishing:

Bednarek, Grażyna Anna - Polish vs. American Courtroom Discourse, ebook

Polish vs. American Courtroom Discourse

Bednarek, Grażyna Anna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Grażyna Anna Bednarek
2. Explorations of Courtroom Discourse
Grażyna Anna Bednarek
3. American Courtroom Discourse
Grażyna Anna Bednarek
4. Polish Courtroom Discourse
Grażyna Anna Bednarek
5. Polish vs. American Courtroom Discourse: The Findings of the

Klepacki, Jarosław - Risk Management in the Polish Financial System, ebook

Risk Management in the Polish Financial System

Klepacki, Jarosław


Stability of the Polish Financial System and the Risk Involved
Konrad Raczkowski, Marian Noga, Jarosław Klepacki
3. Management of Financial Stability Risk
Konrad Raczkowski, Marian Noga, Jarosław Klepacki
4. The Risk of Investing in Financial Instruments

Jesenský, Marcel - The Slovak-Polish Border, 1918–1947, ebook

The Slovak-Polish Border, 1918–1947

Jesenský, Marcel


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Rethinking Teschen, Orava, and Spiš, 1918–47
Marcel Jesenský
2. Historical Outline
Marcel Jesenský
3. Two States and Three Disputes
Marcel Jesenský
4. All Roads Lead to Spa?