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Compston, Hugh - Policy Networks and Policy Change, ebook

Policy Networks and Policy Change

Compston, Hugh


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hugh Compston
2. Policy Networks and Resource Dependency
Hugh Compston
3. Actors and Resources
Hugh Compston
4. Policy Network Theory as a Theory of Policy Change
Hugh Compston
5. Policy Network Theory and the Future of Public Policy
Hugh Compston

Barwell, Richard - Macroeconomic Policy after the Crash, ebook

Macroeconomic Policy after the Crash

Barwell, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Barwell
Part I. Monetary Policy
2. The Lower Bound: To Zero and Beyond
Richard Barwell
3. Quantitative Easing: Bond Buying to the Rescue
Richard Barwell
4. Deflation: The Dog That…

Dean, Hartley - Social Policy, ebook

Social Policy

Dean, Hartley


In this introduction, Hartley Dean explains the extraordinary scope and importance of social policy. He explores its foundations and contemporary significance; the principal issues it addresses and their diverse economic, political and sociological dimensions, and

Johnson, David Cassels - Language Policy, ebook

Language Policy

Johnson, David Cassels


Educational language policy engagement and action research (ELPEAR)
David Cassels Johnson
7. Research direction(s) and model projects
David Cassels Johnson
Part IV. Resources
8. Further resources
David Cassels Johnson

Smith, Richard - Education Policy: Philosophical Critique, ebook

Education Policy: Philosophical Critique

Smith, Richard

From 24,85€

Education Policy sees 12 philosophers of education critique current and recent UK educational policies relating to higher education and faith-based education, assessment, the teaching of reading, vocational and civic education, teacher education, the

Gaskarth, Jamie - British Foreign Policy: Crises, Conflicts and Future Challenges, ebook

British Foreign Policy: Crises, Conflicts and Future Challenges

Gaskarth, Jamie


But how does a small island on the edge of Europe continue to exercise this level of power on an international scale? What kind of actor is Britain internationally? And what future challenges will confront British foreign policymakers in a multi-polar world of emerging powers?

In this comprehensive

Alaszewski, Andy - Making Health Policy: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Making Health Policy: A Critical Introduction

Alaszewski, Andy


This new textbook opens up the policy-making process for students, uncovering how government decisions around health are really made. Starting from more traditional insights into how ministers and civil servants develop policy with limited knowledge