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Jensen, Marie - Tourism in Antarctica, ebook

Tourism in Antarctica

Jensen, Marie


Table of contents
1. Antarctica in the Mind of Visitors: Representations of a Remote Destination
Marisol Vereda
2. Images of Antarctica as Transmitted by Literature
Monika Schillat
3. Supervision of Antarctic Shipborne Tourism: A Pending…

Tahan, Mary R. - The Life of José María Sobral, ebook

The Life of José María Sobral

Tahan, Mary R.


Table of contents
1. Historical Background: A Truly Unbelievable Story that Actually Happened
Mary R. Tahan
2. Born to Sail, with a Spirit for Science
Mary R. Tahan
3. Expedition Diary: The Voyage to Antarctica
Mary R. Tahan

Chattopadhyay, Sulagna - Science and Geopolitics of The White World, ebook

Science and Geopolitics of The White World

Chattopadhyay, Sulagna


Table of contents
Part I. Geopolitics of the Polar Region
1. The Arctic Cooperation, a Model for the Himalayas—Third Pole?
Thórir Ibsen
2. The Hollowing of Antarctic Governance
Alan D. Hemmings
3. State Practices on Antarctica and International Law: Attempt at Identification of India’s Interests,

Pastusiak, Tadeusz - The Northern Sea Route as a Shipping Lane, ebook

The Northern Sea Route as a Shipping Lane

Pastusiak, Tadeusz


Table of contents
Part I. The Northern Sea Route in Global Shipping and History
1. Introduction
Tadeusz Pastusiak
2. A Brief History of Navigation on the Northern Sea Route
Tadeusz Pastusiak
Part II. Environmental Conditions—Bathymetry,…

Abram, Simone - Green Ice, ebook

Green Ice

Abram, Simone


Table of contents
1. Green Ice? Tourism Ecologies in the High North
Simone Abram, Katrín Anna Lund
2. Responsible Cohabitation in Arctic Waters: The Promise of a Spectacle Tourist Whale
Britt Kramvig, Berit Kristoffersen, Anniken Førde

Depledge, Duncan - Britain and the Arctic, ebook

Britain and the Arctic

Depledge, Duncan


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Britain and the Arctic
Duncan Depledge
2. Britain: The Forgotten Arctic State?
Duncan Depledge
3. The Circumpolar Arctic
Duncan Depledge
4. Britain in the Arctic Today
Duncan Depledge

Copland, Luke - Arctic Ice Shelves and Ice Islands, ebook

Arctic Ice Shelves and Ice Islands

Copland, Luke


Table of contents
Part I. Distribution and Characteristics of Arctic Ice Shelves
1. Arctic Ice Shelves: An Introduction
Julian A. Dowdeswell, Martin O. Jeffries
2. The Ellesmere Ice Shelves, Nunavut, Canada
Martin O. Jeffries