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Aluf, Ofer - Advance Elements of Optoisolation Circuits, ebook

Advance Elements of Optoisolation Circuits

Aluf, Ofer


Optoisolation Circuits Poincare Maps and Periodic Orbit
Ofer Aluf
8. Optoisolation Circuits Averaging Analysis and Perturbation from Geometric Viewpoint
Ofer Aluf
9. Optoisolation Advance Circuits—Investigation, Comparison, and Conclusions

Hollar, David W. - Trajectory Analysis in Health Care, ebook

Trajectory Analysis in Health Care

Hollar, David W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Universality of Physical Principles in the Analysis of Health and Disease
David W. Hollar
2. Longitudinal and Nonlinear Dynamics “Trajectory” Analysis in Health Care: Opportunities and Necessity
David W. Hollar
3. The Problem of Recidivism in Healthcare Intervention

Stavrinides, Stavros G. - Chaos and Complex Systems, ebook

Chaos and Complex Systems

Stavrinides, Stavros G.


Table of contents
1. Two Element Chaotic and Hyperchaotic Circuits
Bharathwaj Muthuswamy, Andrew Przybylski, Chris Feilbach, Joerg Mossbrucker
2. Lempel–Ziv Model of Dynamical-Chaotic and Fibonacci-Quasiperiodic Systems
Alireza Heidari, Mohammadali Ghorbani
3. A Novel Numerical Approach for Determining Chaotic