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Axelrod, Mark - Poetics of Prose, ebook

Poetics of Prose

Axelrod, Mark


The Psychoanalytic Poetics of Weltschmerz in Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Times
Mark Axelrod
3. The Poetics of Dramatic Prose in Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons
Mark Axelrod
4. The Poetics

Schmidt, Christopher - The Poetics of Waste, ebook

The Poetics of Waste

Schmidt, Christopher


Introduction: The Poetics of Waste Management
Christopher Schmidt
2. Industry and Excess in Gertrude Stein
Christopher Schmidt
3. The Queer Nature of Waste in John Ashbery’s The Vermont Notebook
Christopher Schmidt
4. “Baby, I Am the Garbage”:

Koelb, Janice Hewlett - The Poetics of Description, ebook

The Poetics of Description

Koelb, Janice Hewlett


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Ecphrasis, Description, and the Imagined Place
Janice Hewlett Koelb
2. As If Present: Classical Ecphrasis
Janice Hewlett Koelb
3. Unity, Form, and Figuration
Janice Hewlett Koelb
4. A Sylvan…

Street, Seán - Sound Poetics, ebook

Sound Poetics

Street, Seán


Table of contents
1. Poetry and the Idea of Sound
Seán Street
2. Silent Sound: Imagination and Identification
Seán Street
3. Transmitters and Receivers: Shared and Selected Sound
Seán Street
4. Invasion of the Sound Aliens
Seán Street
5. Uncomfortably Numb: Alone in the Sound World

Cucinella, Catherine - Poetics of the Body, ebook

Poetics of the Body

Cucinella, Catherine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Catherine Cucinella
2. Theorizing the Body
Catherine Cucinella
3. Textual and Corporeal Convergence
Catherine Cucinella
4. “Dress Up! Dress Up and Dance at Carnival!”
Catherine Cucinella

Hall, Jason David - Decadent Poetics, ebook

Decadent Poetics

Hall, Jason David


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Decadent Poetics
Alex Murray, Jason David Hall
2. How Decadent Poems Die
Joseph Bristow
3. Did a Decadent Metre Exist at the Fin de Siècle?
Meredith Martin
4. Decadent Forms: Parnassus in…