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Rout, Gyana Ranjan - Molecular Stress Physiology of Plants, ebook

Molecular Stress Physiology of Plants

Rout, Gyana Ranjan


PSII Fluorescence Techniques for Measurement of Drought and High Temperature Stress Signal in Crop Plants: Protocols and Applications
Marian Brestic, Marek Zivcak
5. Salt Tolerance in Cereals: Molecular Mechanisms and Applications
Allah Ditta
6. Salt

Stewart, James McD. - Physiology of Cotton, ebook

Physiology of Cotton

Stewart, James McD.


Inter-Plant Competition: Growth Responses to Plant Density and Row Spacing
J.J. Heitholt, G.F. Sassenrath-Cole
18. Cotton Host-Microbe Interactions
A.A. Bell, C.R. Howell, R.D. Stipanovic
19. Ecophysiology of Arbuscular

Beardall, John - The Physiology of Microalgae, ebook

The Physiology of Microalgae

Beardall, John


Nutrients and Their Acquisition: Phosphorus Physiology in Microalgae
Sonya T. Dyhrman
9. Sulphur and Algae: Metabolism, Ecology and Evolution
Mario Giordano, Laura Prioretti
10. Micronutrients
Antonietta Quigg
11. Iron
Adrian Marchetti,

Scott, Peter - Physiology and Behaviour of Plants, ebook

Physiology and Behaviour of Plants

Scott, Peter


Physiology and Behaviour of Plants looks at plants and how they sense and respond to their environment. It takes the traditional plant physiology book into a new dimension by

Lin, Zhi-Qing - Selenium in plants, ebook

Selenium in plants

Lin, Zhi-Qing


Biochemistry of Plant Selenium Uptake and Metabolism
Zackary Guignardi, Michela Schiavon
3. Molecular Mechanisms of Selenium Responses and Resistance in Plants
Masanori Tamaoki, Akiko Maruyama-Nakashita
4. Mechanisms of Plant

Wang, Xuemin - Phospholipases in Plant Signaling, ebook

Phospholipases in Plant Signaling

Wang, Xuemin


Plant Phospholipase Families and Derived Messengers
1. PLD: Phospholipase Ds in Plant Signaling
Xuemin Wang, Liang Guo, Geliang Wang, Maoyin Li
2. PI-PLC: Phosphoinositide-Phospholipase C in Plant Signaling
Teun Munnik
3. NPC: Nonspecific Phospholipase

Goldstein, Guillermo - Tropical Tree Physiology, ebook

Tropical Tree Physiology

Goldstein, Guillermo


Physiology and Life History Traits of Unique Tropical Growth Forms
1. Hemiepiphytic Trees: Ficus as a Model System for Understanding Hemiepiphytism
Guang-You Hao, Kun-Fang Cao, Guillermo Goldstein
2. Ecophysiology and Crassulacean Acid Metabolism of Tropical

Wojtaszek, Przemyslaw - Mechanical Integration of Plant Cells and Plants, ebook

Mechanical Integration of Plant Cells and Plants

Wojtaszek, Przemyslaw


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Tensegral World of Plants
Anna Kasprowicz, Michalina Smolarkiewicz, Magdalena Wierzchowiecka, Michał Michalak, Przemysław Wojtaszek
2. Micromechanics of Cell Walls
Ingo Burgert, John W. C. Dunlop
3. Mechanics of the Cytoskeleton
Peter Nick
4. Intracellular Movements:

Volkov, Alexander G. - Plant Electrophysiology, ebook

Plant Electrophysiology

Volkov, Alexander G.


Electrochemical Sensor Applications to the Study of Molecular Physiology and Analyte Flux in Plants
Mark A. Messerli, Kenneth R. Robinson, Peter J. S. Smith
5. Use of Non-Invasive Ion-Selective Microelectrode Techniques for the Study of Plant Development

Anke, Timm - Physiology and Genetics, ebook

Physiology and Genetics

Anke, Timm


Table of contents
1. Recent Developments in the Molecular Taxonomy of Fungi
Roland W.S. Weber
2. Sordaria macrospora, a Model System for Fungal Development
Ulrich Kück, Stefanie Pöggeler, Minou Nowrousian, Nicole Nolting, Ines Engh
3. Inteins – Selfish Elements in Fungal Genomes