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Borém, Aluízio - Omics in Plant Breeding, ebook

Omics in Plant Breeding

Borém, Aluízio


The use of computational and high-throughput methods, such as genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, or known collectively as “-omics”, to study plant biology for well over a decade now. As these technologies mature, plant and crop scientists

Acquaah, George - Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding, ebook

Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding

Acquaah, George


To respond to the increasing need to feed the world's population as well as an ever greater demand for a balanced and healthy diet there is a continuing need to produce improved new cultivars or varieties of plants, particularly crop plants. The strategies

Folta, Kevin M. - Genetics and Genomics of Rosaceae, ebook

Genetics and Genomics of Rosaceae

Folta, Kevin M.


) for Plant Improvement and Genomics Research in Rosaceae
Cesar Petri, Ralph Scorza, Chris Dardick
14. Sweet and Sour Cherries: Linkage Maps, QTL Detection and Marker Assisted Selection
Elisabeth Dirlewanger, Jacques Claverie, Amy F. Iezzoni, Ana Wünsch

Ming, Ray - Genetics and Genomics of Papaya, ebook

Genetics and Genomics of Papaya

Ming, Ray


Table of contents
Part I. Natural History and Genetic Diversity
1. Papaya (Carica papaya L.): Origin, Domestication, and Production
Gabriela Fuentes, Jorge M. Santamaría
2. Biology of the Papaya Plant
Víctor M. Jiménez, Eric Mora-Newcomer, Marco V. Gutiérrez-Soto
3. Phenotypic and Genetic Diversity

Vogel, John P. - Genetics and Genomics of Brachypodium, ebook

Genetics and Genomics of Brachypodium

Vogel, John P.


Table of contents
1. The Rise of Brachypodium as a Model System
John P. Vogel
2. Phylogeny and Evolution of the Genus Brachypodium
Pilar Catalan, Diana López-Álvarez, Antonio Díaz-Pérez, Rubén Sancho, María Luisa…

Diao, Xianmin - Genetics and Genomics of Setaria, ebook

Genetics and Genomics of Setaria

Diao, Xianmin


Population Genetics and Genome-Wide Association Mapping of Chinese Populations of Foxtail Millet and Green Foxtail
Guanqing Jia
3. Genetic Diversity and Geographic Distribution of North American Setaria viridis Populations
Pu Huang, Maximillian Feldman

Bass, Hank W. - Plant Cytogenetics, ebook

Plant Cytogenetics

Bass, Hank W.


Practical Laboratory Exercises for Plant Molecular Cytogenetics
Scott A. Jackson, Shahryar F. Kianian, Khwaja G. Hossain, Jason G. Walling