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 - Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures, ebook

Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures


While there is no "perfect" solution or absolute zero risk, engineering design can significantly reduce risk potential in the CPI. In Guidelines for Design Solutions to Process Equipment Failures, industry experts offer their broad experience in identifying

Pandey, Girdhar K. - Mechanism of Plant Hormone Signaling under Stress, ebook

Mechanism of Plant Hormone Signaling under Stress

Pandey, Girdhar K.


Plant hormone signaling plays an important role in many physiological and developmental processes including stress response. With the advent of new post-genomic molecular techniques, the potential for increasing our understanding of the impact of hormone signaling on gene expression and

Deibele, Ludwig - Miniplant-Technik: in der Prozessindustrie, ebook

Miniplant-Technik: in der Prozessindustrie

Deibele, Ludwig


Nur in Ausnahmefallen lassen sich technische Anlagen fur neue Produktionsverfahren der chemischen Industrie an Hand von Literaturdaten und rechnerischer Simulation entwickeln und auslegen. Der ubliche Weg des Scale-up fuhrt uber den Laborversuch und den…

Valk, A. G. - Herbaceous Plant Ecology, ebook

Herbaceous Plant Ecology

Valk, A. G.


The effects of fire frequency and grazing on tallgrass prairie productivity and plant composition are mediated through bud bank demography
Harmony J. Dalgleish, David C. Hartnett
5. Do plant functional types based on leaf

Jander, Georg - Annual Plant Reviews, Insect-Plant Interactions, ebook

Annual Plant Reviews, Insect-Plant Interactions

Jander, Georg


This latest volume in Wiley Blackwell’s prestigious Annual Plant Reviews brings together articles that describe the biochemical, genetic, and ecological aspects of plant interactions with insect herbivores.. The biochemistry section of this outstanding

Collinge, David B. - Plant Pathogen Resistance Biotechnology, ebook

Plant Pathogen Resistance Biotechnology

Collinge, David B.


Plant pathogens and diseases are among the most significant challenges to survival that plants face. Disease outbreaks caused by microbial or viral pathogens can decimate crop yields and have severe effects on global food supply. Understanding the molecular