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James, Anthony - Orwell's Faded Lion, ebook

Orwell's Faded Lion

James, Anthony


Orwell’s Faded Lion traces the history of Britain from the end of the Second World War, during the darkest days of which George Orwell wrote The Lion and the Unicorn, calling for a British revolution, to the present. The book confronts the actual direction…

Trench, Alan - Has Devolution Made a Difference?, ebook

Has Devolution Made a Difference?

Trench, Alan


This book is the fourth volume of a major five-year research programme on devolution funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The programme comprises eleven Constitution Unit research projects, underwritten by a regular series of monitoring reports. This book…

Trench, Alan - The Dynamics of Devolution, ebook

The Dynamics of Devolution

Trench, Alan


This book is the fifth, and final, volume in the State of the Nations yearbook series on devolution in the UK. This book explores the future of devolution, by examining the new political dynamics devolution has put into play. These concern devolution's…

Trench, Alan - The State of the Nations 2008, ebook

The State of the Nations 2008

Trench, Alan


The State of the Nations 2008: Into the third term of devolution in the United Kingdom is the sixth publication of a major research programme into devolution in the United Kingdom, published on behalf of the Constitution Unit at University College London.…