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Duplantier, Bertrand - Biological Physics, ebook

Biological Physics

Duplantier, Bertrand


Table of contents
1. Constructing Tools for the Description of Cell Dynamics
Jean-François Joanny, Jacques Prost
2. A Physical Model of Cellular Symmetry Breaking
Jasper Gucht, Cécile Sykes
3. Motor Proteins as Nanomachines: The Roles…

Shepherd, P. John - A Course in Theoretical Physics, ebook

A Course in Theoretical Physics

Shepherd, P. John


This book is a comprehensive account of five extended modules covering the key branches of twentieth-century theoretical physics, taught by the author over a period of three decades to students on bachelor and master university degree courses in both physics

Jargodzki, Christopher - Mad about Physics: Braintwisters, Paradoxes, and Curiosities, ebook

Mad about Physics: Braintwisters, Paradoxes, and Curiosities

Jargodzki, Christopher


Why is there eight times more ice in Antarctica than in the Arctic? Why can you warm your hands by blowing gently, and cool your hands by blowing hard? Why would a pitcher scuff a baseball?Which weighs more-a pound of feathers or a pound of iron? Let science experts Christopher Jargodzki and Franklin Potter guide you through

Stacey, Weston M. - Fusion Plasma Physics, ebook

Fusion Plasma Physics

Stacey, Weston M.


Thus they are subject to intense research which drives a rapid evolvement of this field of nuclear physics, and generates the need for an up-to-date textbook for graduate students.
This state-of-the-art textbook assembles the material for a modern course, and is

Fradkov, Alexander L. - Cybernetical Physics, ebook

Cybernetical Physics

Fradkov, Alexander L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Physics and Cybernetics
2. Subject and Methodology of Cybernetical Physics
3. Control of Conservative Systems
4. Control of Dissipative Systems
5. Controlled Synchronization
6. Control of Chaos
7. Control of Interconnected and Distributed Systems
8. Control of Molecular

Hofmann, Philip - Solid State Physics: An Introduction, ebook

Solid State Physics: An Introduction

Hofmann, Philip


Filling a gap in the literature for a brief course in solid state physics, this is a clear and concise introduction that not only describes all the basic phenomena and concepts, but also discusses such advanced issues as magnetism and superconductivity. This textbook
assumes only basic

Vaughn, Michael T. - Introduction to Mathematical Physics, ebook

Introduction to Mathematical Physics

Vaughn, Michael T.


A comprehensive survey of all the mathematical methods that should be available to graduate students in physics. In addition to the usual topics of analysis, such as infinite series, functions of a complex variable and some differential equations as well as linear vector spaces, this book

Hinrichsen, Haye - The Physics of Granular Media, ebook

The Physics of Granular Media

Hinrichsen, Haye


This new reference provides quick access to the current level of knowledge, containing high-level review articles covering recent developments in the field of granular media from the viewpoints of applied, experimental, and theoretical physics.
The authors represent different directions of research in the field, with