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Straffon, Larissa Mendoza - Cultural Phylogenetics, ebook

Cultural Phylogenetics

Straffon, Larissa Mendoza


The Applications and Challenges of Cultural Phylogenetics in Archaeology: An Introduction
Larissa Mendoza Straffon
Part I. Concepts and Theories
2. Development and Degeneration: Classification and Evolution of Human Populations and Languages in the History

O'Rourke, Dennis H. - A Companion to Anthropological Genetics, ebook

A Companion to Anthropological Genetics

O'Rourke, Dennis H.


Explore the latest research in anthropological genetics and understand the genome’s role in cultural and social development
A Companion to Anthropological Genetics illustrates the role of genetic analysis in advancing the modern study of human origins,…

Balding, David J. - Handbook of Statistical Genomics, ebook

Handbook of Statistical Genomics

Balding, David J.


A timely update of a highly popular handbook on statistical genomics
This new, two-volume edition of a classic text provides a thorough introduction to statistical genomics, a vital resource for advanced graduate students, early-career researchers…

Freeland, Joanna R. - Molecular Ecology, ebook

Molecular Ecology

Freeland, Joanna R.


The book unites theory with examples from a wide range of taxa in a logical and progressive manner, and its straightforward writing style makes subjects such as population genetics and phylogenetics highly comprehensible to its readers. The first part of the book introduces

Bastolla, Ugo - Structural Approaches to Sequence Evolution, ebook

Structural Approaches to Sequence Evolution

Bastolla, Ugo


Molecular Phylogenetics: Mathematical Framework and Unsolved Problems
Xuhua Xia
9. Phylogenetics and Computational Biology of Multigene Families
Pietro Liò, Matteo Brilli, Renato Fani
10. SeqinR 1.0-2: A Contributed Package to the R Project for Statistical