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Rai, Ashawani K. - Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective, ebook

Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective

Rai, Ashawani K.

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Written by leading experts in the field, Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective is a comprehensive edited volume covering all areas of an important field and its application to energy, medicine and agriculture.
Issues related to environment, food…

Beardall, John - The Physiology of Microalgae, ebook

The Physiology of Microalgae

Beardall, John


Table of contents
Part I. The Algae Cell
1. The Cell Cycle of Microalgae
Vilém Zachleder, Kateřina Bišová, Milada Vítová
2. Biosynthesis of the Cell Walls of the Algae
David S. Domozych
Part II. The Fundamental Physiological…

Jha, Bhavanath - Seaweeds of India, ebook

Seaweeds of India

Jha, Bhavanath


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Ulotrichales, Monostromataceae
3. Ulvales, Ulvaceae
4. Acrosiphoniales, Acrosiphoniaceae
5. Cladophorales, Cladophoraceae
6. Siphonocladales, Boodleaceae
7. Bryopsidales, Bryopsidaceae
8. Dasycladales,…

Borowitzka, Michael A. - Algae for Biofuels and Energy, ebook

Algae for Biofuels and Energy

Borowitzka, Michael A.


Table of contents
1. Energy from Microalgae: A Short History
Michael A. Borowitzka
2. Algal Lipids and Their Metabolism
Irina A. Guschina, John L. Harwood
3. Hydrogenases, Nitrogenases, Anoxia, and H2 Production in Water-Oxidizing Phototrophs