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Obayya, Salah - Computational Photonics, ebook

Computational Photonics

Obayya, Salah

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In addition the book presents the state-of-the-art in computational photonics techniques, covering methods such as full-vectorial finite-element beam propagation, bidirectional beam propagation, complex-envelope alternative direction implicit finite difference time

Reed, Graham T. - Silicon Photonics: The State of the Art, ebook

Silicon Photonics: The State of the Art

Reed, Graham T.


Silicon photonics is currently a very active and progressive area of research, as silicon optical circuits have emerged as the replacement technology for copper-based circuits in communication and broadband networks. The demand for ever improving communications and computing performance

Knights, Andrew P. - Silicon Photonics: An Introduction, ebook

Silicon Photonics: An Introduction

Knights, Andrew P.


  Whilst silicon photonics is less well developed as compared to some other material technologies, it is poised to make a serious impact on the telecommunications industry, as well as in many other applications, as other technologies fail to meet the yield/performance/cost

Basu, Prasanta Kumar - Silicon Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices, ebook

Silicon Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices

Basu, Prasanta Kumar


The creation of affordable high speed optical communications using standard semiconductor manufacturing technology is a principal aim of silicon photonics research. This would involve replacing copper connections with optical fibres or waveguides, and electrons with photons. With applications

Quimby, Richard S. - Photonics and Lasers: An Introduction, ebook

Photonics and Lasers: An Introduction

Quimby, Richard S.


An introduction to photonics and lasers that does not rely on complex mathematics
This book evolved from a series of courses developed by the author and taught in the areas of lasers and photonics. This thoroughly classroom-tested work fills a

Kimerling, Lionel C. - Photonics and Electronics with Germanium, ebook

Photonics and Electronics with Germanium

Kimerling, Lionel C.


Representing a further step towards enabling the convergence of computing and communication, this handbook and reference treats germanium electronics and optics on an equal footing. Renowned experts paint the big picture, combining both introductory material…