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Bruno, Isabelle - The Social Sciences of Quantification, ebook

The Social Sciences of Quantification

Bruno, Isabelle


The Social Sciences of Quantification in France: An Overview
Isabelle Bruno, Florence Jany-Catrice, Béatrice Touchelay
Part I. Sociology of Quantification: Alain Desrosières’s contributions
2. Introduction to the

Lidz, Victor - Rationality in the Social Sciences, ebook

Rationality in the Social Sciences

Lidz, Victor


The Concept of Rationality in Modern Social Sciences: A Critical Appraisal of Joseph A. Schumpeter’s Essay on “The Meaning of Rationality”
Andreas Diekmann
11. Schütz on Rationality
Martin Endress
12. Rationality,

Dean, Kathryn - Realism, Philosophy and Social Science, ebook

Realism, Philosophy and Social Science

Dean, Kathryn


Table of contents
1. Realism, Marxism and Method
Kathryn Dean, Jonathan Joseph, John Michael Roberts, Colin Wight
2. Realism, Science and Emancipation
Colin Wight
3. Method, Marxism and Critical Realism
John Michael Roberts

Christian, Alexander - Philosophy of Science, ebook

Philosophy of Science

Christian, Alexander


Philosophy of Life Sciences
5. Bio-Agency and the Possibility of Artificial Agents
Anne Sophie Meincke
6. When Mechanisms Are Not Enough: The Origin of Eukaryotes and Scientific Explanation
Roger Deulofeu, Javier Suárez
7. Functions, Malfunctioning,

Crespo, Ricardo F. - Philosophy of the Economy, ebook

Philosophy of the Economy

Crespo, Ricardo F.


Introduction: Why a Philosophy of the Economy and Why an Aristotelian Approach?
Ricardo F. Crespo
Part I. "The Economic" and its Science: A Philosophical Approach
2. The Economic
Ricardo F. Crespo
3. Economic Science
Ricardo F. Crespo