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Vignoli, Tito - Myth and Science, ebook

Myth and Science

Vignoli, Tito


A fascinating look at the inter-relationship between science and mythology, taken from the text of the 1885 work by Italian philosopher Tito Vignoli.

Heller, Michael - Philosophy in Science, ebook

Philosophy in Science

Heller, Michael


The First Task of the Philosophy of Nature—The Problem of Elementarity
Michael Heller
2. The Philosophical Myth of Creation—The Platonic Philosophy of Nature
Michael Heller
3. Aristotle’s Physics

Feyerabend, Paul K. - Philosophy of Nature, ebook

Philosophy of Nature

Feyerabend, Paul K.


Yet it is not well known that Feyerabend spent many years working on a philosophy of nature that was intended to comprise three volumes covering the period from the earliest traces of stone age cave paintings to the atomic physics of the 20th century – a project

Gould, Bryan - Myths, Politicians and Money, ebook

Myths, Politicians and Money

Gould, Bryan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bryan Gould
2. The Triumph of the ‘Free Market’
Bryan Gould
3. Globalisation
Bryan Gould
4. Stepping Stones to a ‘Free-Market’ Global Economy
Bryan Gould
5. The Political Response

Sprintzen, David - Critique of Western Philosophy and Social Theory, ebook

Critique of Western Philosophy and Social Theory

Sprintzen, David


Table of contents
Part I. Rethinking the World
1. A World in Crisis
David Sprintzen
2. Living in a World Without God: An Overview
David Sprintzen
3. The End of An Era: Twilight of The Gods
David Sprintzen
4. A Ripple in a Field
David Sprintzen
Part II. Remaking the World
5. Telling Our

Tregenza, Ian - Michael Oakeshott on Hobbes, ebook

Michael Oakeshott on Hobbes

Tregenza, Ian


While many commentators have noted the importance of Hobbes for understanding Oakeshott’s thought itself, this is the first book to provide a systematic interpretation of Oakeshott’s philosophy by paying close attention to all facets of Oakeshott’s reading of

O'Shea, James - Wilfrid Sellars: Naturalism with a Normative Turn, ebook

Wilfrid Sellars: Naturalism with a Normative Turn

O'Shea, James


His writings have influenced major thinkers such as Rorty, McDowell, Brandom, and Dennett, and many of Sellars basic conceptions, such as the logical space of reasons, the myth of the given, and the manifest and scientific images, have become standard philosophical