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Feyerabend, Paul K. - Philosophy of Nature, ebook

Philosophy of Nature

Feyerabend, Paul K.


Yet it is not well known that Feyerabend spent many years working on a philosophy of nature that was intended to comprise three volumes covering the period from the earliest traces of stone age cave paintings to the atomic physics

Kuperus, Gerard - Ontologies of Nature, ebook

Ontologies of Nature

Kuperus, Gerard


Greek Philosophies of “Physis”
1. Architecture and Eternity: Physis in Nietzsche and Empedocles
Michael M. Shaw
2. The Ambivalence of Eros: Plato’s Natural Beginning(s)
Josh Hayes
3. Folding Nature Back

Bouton, Christophe - Time of Nature and the Nature of Time, ebook

Time of Nature and the Nature of Time

Bouton, Christophe


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Time Between Metaphysics and Natural Sciences: From Physics to Biology
Christophe Bouton, Philippe Huneman
Part I. The Experience of Time and the Scientific Framing of Time
2. Passage, Flow, and the Logic…

Ishida, Emile H. - Nature Technology, ebook

Nature Technology

Ishida, Emile H.


The True Nature of the Global Environmental Problem
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
4. A New Way of Manufacturing and Living
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
5. Forecasting and Backcasting
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
6. Lifestyles Envisioned

Drenthen, Martin A. M. - New Visions of Nature, ebook

New Visions of Nature

Drenthen, Martin A. M.


Technological Nature – And the Problem When Good Enough Becomes Good
Peter H. Kahn, Rachel L. Severson, Jolina H. Ruckert
4. They Could Have Used a Robot: Technology, Nature Experience and Human Flourishing

GARBER, DAN - The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy, ebook

The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy



Between Mathematics and Experimental Philosophy: Hydrostatics in Scotland About 1700
Antoni Malet
8. From a Metaphysical to a Scientific Object: Mechanizing Light in Galilean Science
Susana Gómez
9. Causation in Descartes’ Les Météores and Late

Christian, Alexander - Philosophy of Science, ebook

Philosophy of Science

Christian, Alexander


Philosophy of Life Sciences
5. Bio-Agency and the Possibility of Artificial Agents
Anne Sophie Meincke
6. When Mechanisms Are Not Enough: The Origin of Eukaryotes and Scientific Explanation
Roger Deulofeu, Javier Suárez
7. Functions, Malfunctioning,

Williamson, Timothy - The Philosophy of Philosophy, ebook

The Philosophy of Philosophy

Williamson, Timothy


The second volume in the Blackwell Brown Lectures in Philosophy, this volume offers an original and provocative take on the nature and methodology of philosophy.
Based on public lectures at Brown University, given by the pre-eminent philosopher,

Heller, Michael - Philosophy in Science, ebook

Philosophy in Science

Heller, Michael


The First Task of the Philosophy of Nature—The Problem of Elementarity
Michael Heller
2. The Philosophical Myth of Creation—The Platonic Philosophy of Nature
Michael Heller
3. Aristotle’s Physics