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Kampourakis, Kostas - The Philosophy of Biology, ebook

The Philosophy of Biology

Kampourakis, Kostas


Philosophy of Biology and Biology Education: An Introduction
Kostas Kampourakis
2. What Is Life?
Carol E. Cleland, Michael Zerella
3. Biological Explanation
Angela Potochnik
4. What Would Natural Laws in the Life Sciences Be?
Marc Lange

Green, Sara - Philosophy of Systems Biology, ebook

Philosophy of Systems Biology

Green, Sara


Introduction to Philosophy of Systems Biology
Sara Green
2. Systems Biology: Negotiating Between Holism and Reductionism
William Bechtel
3. A System Approach to Cancer. From Things to Relations
Marta Bertolaso

Plaisance, Kathryn S. - Philosophy of Behavioral Biology, ebook

Philosophy of Behavioral Biology

Plaisance, Kathryn S.


The Philosophy of Behavioral Biology
Kathryn S. Plaisance, Thomas A. C. Reydon
2. Knowledge for What? Monist, Pluralist, Pragmatist Approaches to the Sciences of Behavior
Helen Longino
3. Genome Wide Association Studies of Behavior are Social Science

Barrett, Nathaniel F. - Biology and Subjectivity, ebook

Biology and Subjectivity

Barrett, Nathaniel F.


The Enactive Philosophy of Embodiment: From Biological Foundations of Agency to the Phenomenology of Subjectivity
Mog Stapleton, Tom Froese
9. Radicalizing the Phenomenology of Basic Minds with Levinas and Merleau-Ponty
Matt Bower
10. Mind and Value

Arp, Robert - Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Biology, ebook

Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Biology

Arp, Robert


This collection of specially commissioned essays puts top scholars head to head to debate the central issues in the lively and fast growing field of philosophy of biology Brings together original essays on ten of the most hotly debated questions in

Plutynksi, Anya - A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology, ebook

A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology

Plutynksi, Anya


A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology offers concise overviews of philosophical issues raised by all areas of biology. Addressing both traditional and emerging areas of philosophical interest, the volume focuses

Bertolaso, Marta - Philosophy of Cancer, ebook

Philosophy of Cancer

Bertolaso, Marta


Table of contents
1. Cancer Biology
Marta Bertolaso
2. The Evolution of Explanatory Models of Cancer
Marta Bertolaso
3. The Systemic Approach to Cancer: Models and Epistemology
Marta Bertolaso
4. The Tissue Organization Field…

Christian, Alexander - Philosophy of Science, ebook

Philosophy of Science

Christian, Alexander


Philosophy of Life Sciences
5. Bio-Agency and the Possibility of Artificial Agents
Anne Sophie Meincke
6. When Mechanisms Are Not Enough: The Origin of Eukaryotes and Scientific Explanation
Roger Deulofeu, Javier Suárez
7. Functions, Malfunctioning,

Giroux, Élodie - Naturalism in the Philosophy of Health, ebook

Naturalism in the Philosophy of Health

Giroux, Élodie


Table of contents
1. Introduction. Why a Book on Naturalism in the Philosophy of Health?
Élodie Giroux
Part I. The Biostatistical Theory of Disease: Criticisms and Improvements
2. Is Boorse’s Biostatistical Theory of Health Naturalistic?
Maël Lemoine, Élodie Giroux
3. In Search of Normal Functions:

GARBER, DAN - The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy, ebook

The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy



Between Mathematics and Experimental Philosophy: Hydrostatics in Scotland About 1700
Antoni Malet
8. From a Metaphysical to a Scientific Object: Mechanizing Light in Galilean Science
Susana Gómez
9. Causation in Descartes’ Les Météores and Late